Back Massage

The first body part that comes to mind when we say massage is generally back. This part of our body, where we feel the most intense pain, need the most relief, is highly affected by posture disorders, carrying bags, choosing wrong beds, doing sports, various bone diseases and physiological disorders. Back massage is also one of the most effective forms of treatment for these pains.

The function of the spine in the body is critical and important. The musculoskeletal system that supports it is also concentrated in this area and our arms, legs and neck which we use actively in daily life can be used more effectively with a healthy back. The first thing for a strong and flexible body is that the muscles and tissues should be flexible and healthy in the back region Healthy means that the blood flow is progressing smoothly, that the tissue and muscles are not stiff or stuck, and that they do not restrict the movements of the arms, legs and neck.

On the other hand, physical disorders such as rheumatism and bone disorders, as well as psychological disorders such as stress and anxiety, can cause tensions and stresses in the back.

What are the techniques of back massage?
Classical massage techniques applied in the back area is performed. This may be a Swedish massage or a Balinese massage, but what is important here is what the complaint is and what should be the method of treating the back area. We can include deep tissue massage also.

The importance of back massage can be summarized as accelerating the flow of blood in the middle part of the body, so increasing the movement and flexibility of our body and supporting our posture.

The back massage is applied on a massage bed where you can be comfortable and release your arms and your legs. Kneading, strokes, pressures of different intensities and vibrations are applied to accelerate the movement of blood flow through the neck, arms and legs. It is aimed to stretch and relax these areas. A variety of aromatherapy oils are generally used during back massage. These oils ease the movement by reducing the friction and nice fragrances makes the massage a pleasant experience.

Back massage is generally suggested to people who especially have chronic pains, slouch along, sitting still too much in front of the computer, having neck hernia or neck flattening. This massage will help to deal with these problems.

Increased blood flow and stretching of the muscles allows the person to improve the posture, reduce the severity of his chronic pain, alleviate the effects of the problems that have turned into physical pain by psychological reasons such as stress, anxiety, and improve use of the arms and legs more effectively.

Stimulation of the spine, which has an important role in the central nervous system, is one of the most effective causes of pain relief. During the kneading, squeezing and vibration movements, multiple stimulation will be formed along the spine and nerve endings will affect the whole body through the transmission system. Therefore, pain and movement constraints on limbs such as hands, feet, arms, legs will be reduced. Especially the waist area which is the center of the body and lifting the whole load will be relaxed and stretched after this massage.