Mindful Living with Ayşe Meltem Budak

Visiting Therapist: Ayşe Meltem Budak, August 16-20

Mindful Living therapy will teach four critically important skills that can both reduce the size of emotional waves and help you keep your balance when those emotions overwhelm you. This therapy is designed to make you understand and try to apply mindful attitudes in our daily life. These are mindful attitudes that you can practice mindfulness ideology in your life with non-formal practices.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1: Understanding DBT Skills and Mindful Attitudes
Day 2: Resistance and Radical Acceptance
Day 3. Emotion Regulation
Day 4. Distress Tolerance
Day 5. Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Mindfulness will help you experience more fully the present moment while focusing less on painful experiences from the past or frightening possibilities in the future. Mindfulness will also give you tools to overcome habitual, negative judgments about yourself and others.
  • Resistance is a coping strategy that gives you time to adjust to distressing situations. However, staying in resistance can interfere with your ability to tackle. Increasing your ability to tolerate distress starts with a change in your attitude. You’re going to need something called Radical Acceptance.
  • Emotion regulation skills help you to recognize more clearly what you feel and then to observe each emotion without getting overwhelmed by it. The goal is to modulate your feelings without behaving in reactive, destructive ways.
  • Distress tolerance will help you cope better with painful events by building up your resiliency and giving you new ways to soften the effects of upsetting circumstances.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness gives you new tools to express your beliefs and needs, set limits, and negotiate solutions to problems—all while protecting your relationships and treating others with respect.