Physical & Emotional Healing with Jaspal Singh (4-24 June)

Visiting Therapist, 04 – 24 June

Jaspal Singh is an Alternative Holistic Healer with the specialization in Foot Reflexology, Reiki and Bio-energy. His therapy sessions are designed to help you eliminate physical, emotional & psychological problems and improve your well-being.

You have 3 therapy options with Jaspal Singh:
Therapeutic Foot Reflexology: For physical problems, such as lower back, sciatic pain, stiffness in neck & shoulder, digestive problems, gynecological, menstruation problems, lymphatic problems, any physical medical problems, stiffness, carpal tunnel, arthritics, allergies etc. to name few of them.

Soft & Gentle Energy Balancing Therapy: For emotional & psychological problems, any physical problem with more than 4-5 years or any chronic problem, panic attacks, depressions, stress related problems etc.

Rejuvenating Indian Head & Neck therapy: For insomnia, migraine, sleeping problems, frozen shoulders, stiffness, stress related problems, depression etc.