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Detox Retreats with Professional Approach

You can choose one of our detox programs below A cleansing intervention is a modern need that needs to be gone through by everyone to effectively detoxify from the pollution, processed food-like foods, toxic relationships, chemicals and many more factors that we are exposed in our everyday lives.


Different Detox Options for Different Needs

The LifeCo offers three different Detox Meal Plans that are result-proven and effective in a short duration of time at its well-being & detox centers at Bodrum, Antalya & Phuket. Depending on your requirements the best program combination will be chosen for you by our detox experts and doctor. Any program you’ll join at The LifeCo centers will be based on one of the plans below and will be topped up with supporting therapies, nutritious supplements, physical & spiritual exercises, educational lectures and raw-food workshops. You’ll be guided to choose the most suiting program for you upon your arrival. You will always be able to change your program during your stay.


You Can Apply For One of The Detox Programs By Filling The Form Below


Check Our Different Detox Meal Plans Below

  • Master Detox Plan

    Master Detox Plan

    Master Detox is the quickest and the most effective detox program.

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  • Green Detox Program

    Green Detox Program

    The Green Detox program is recommended for those who do not want to experience colon hydrotherapy, or for people who take care of their health and would like to alkalize their body quickly.

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  • Green Salad Detox Program

    Green Salad Detox Program

    We recommend the Green Salad Detox to those who wish to lose excess weight, relax their digestion system, and those who accompany a loved one attending a Detox Program.

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