Skincare Treatments At TheLifeCo

It is a cleansing skin care therapy in which the therapist applies steam to the face to open the pores and remove blackheads, finishing up with a relaxing massage. It is recommended at the beginning of your detox program for an effective skin detox.

Silicium Super-Lift Facial is a professional, new generation, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging treatment especially recommended for our guests over 40.

This skincare with organic silicium gives smoothing, filling and toning results, noticeable, even after the first session.

Eye Treatment helps to minimise wrinkles and reduce the swollen look and dark circles around eyes.

A significant effect is achieved even after a single session of eye treatment with a special therapeutic eye-massage.

You can refresh yourself with the beneficial effects of cacao by having a pleasant cacao massage session. This massage uses warm cacao oil which revitalizes and moisturizes your skin. While your circulation is improving, your body is enveloped in a captivating scent. You will feel extremely happy, one of the positive side-effects of cacao. The oil also helps your skin tan more easily.

Benefits of Cacao Massage
Cacao has been used in many areas since its discovery, both as a nutrient and because of its aromatic fragrance, which gives happiness. Cacao massage is one of these areas of use. Warm cacao oil is applied with gentle massage movements and provides relaxation while your body is accompanied by beautiful fragrances.

It has been scientifically proven that cacao supports estrogen hormone and provides ‘the happiness hormone’ serotonin. Cacao, which is also a good antioxidant, enables the blood circulation to accelerate through the massage and cleanse the body from toxins. The refreshing effect of cacao oil opens the pores, gives your skin a softer and brighter appearance.

Cacao contains high amounts of caffeine that stimulates the body and supports blood flow. Thus, circulatory problems such as cellulite and edema are eliminated. It also supports your detox process by accelerating fat burning and helps your body to be tighter and fitter.

Venus Legacy is a new approach to face and body firming. It embodies the techniques which provide a firmer, well-shaped skin and volumetric, circumferential, cellulite reduction on the applied areas.

The key of Venus Legacy Technologies, “ISI” stimulates the natural wound-healing functions of the body. It can be applied to face, abdomen, arm, back and legs.

The result is a resurfaced skin tissue. In addition, it has a triggering effect on the process of lipolysis within the fat tissues as a natural function. It is a golden-standard RF application.

This skin care is designed to firm facial contours while combatting visible wrinkles, prolonging your skin’s youthful glow. Hyaluronic acid has antioxidant properties to protect your skin and helps your skin to absorb of active ingredients. 

After one session of Hyaluronic Filler Skin Care, your skin will be smoother; your lines and wrinkles will start to even out.

This is a skin care routine specially formulated for men. This therapy gives the care your skin needs by soothing and moisturizing it. Products used during this skin care contain caviar as well as other anti-aging components that tighten the skin and make it more elastic.
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