Skin Care

Silicium Super-Lift Facial

The professional, new-generation, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and anti-sagging system for those over 40 years of age. This Thalgo system shows a smoothing, filling, and toning effect even after the first session.

Thalgo Eye Touch Treatment

Wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness are effectively treated by the Thalgo Eye Touch treatment. A significant effect is achieved even after a single session that also includes a special therapeutic eye-massage.

Thalgo Facial Care

Customized for your needs, Thalgo facial care products consider many parameters such as age, seasonal changes, nutrition, stress, and lifestyle to offer you a vast array of choices to meet your specific needs.

Thalgo Facial Ritual

Thalgo Bay – Classic Facial Care for Women. Includes deep cleansing, masks suitable for your skin type, and relaxing facial massage.

Thalgo Skin Care

With its exceptionally high production quality, unexampled philosophy, and professional usage, the Thalgo skin care system is now globally recognized and appreciated in the fields of practical cosmetics and medicine.

Skin Care for Men

Specially formulated for men, this therapy soothes and moisturizes. It contains caviar as well as other anti-aging components that tighten the skin and make it more elastic.

Luxury Diamond Anti-Aging Skin Care

Luxury Diamond series nourishes the skin and protects it from external factors thanks to its rich mineral content and other active anti-aging components.

Hyaluronic Filler Skin Care

Because it contains sea acid molecules, hyaluronic helps skin absorb active ingredients, become fuller, and is recommended for wrinkles.

Chrono Age Skin Care

Containing trailblazing award-winning Neodermyl supported by Chronodyn, Collagen I, Collagen III, Tropoelastin and Elastin, this treatment renews and revitalizes skin cells.

Bio-Organic Skin Care

Contains completely natural and organic ingredients including pure orange juice, argan oil, hibiscus extract, olive extract, oat extract, and bio saccharides.

Venus Legacy

Embodying the technologies which provide a firmer, well-shaped skin and volumetric, circumferential, cellulite reduction on the applied areas, Venus Legacy is now in The LifeCo Bodrum.