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  • LPG Body Care

    LPG Body Care

    LPG increases blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminate metabolic waste by draining tissues, and makes skin more flexible by freeing up fibrous bands LPG helps shape all subcutaneous tissues from the skin to the muscles.

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  • Micro Plus

    Micro Plus

    Micro Plus, is an all-purpose complete device for the body treatments covering obesity, cellulite, tightening, shaping, circulation deficiencies, fat accumulation and other problems deteriorating the body aesthetics.

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  • Detox Body Care

    Detox Body Care

    This is a detoxifying treatment that contains a combination of naturally-slimming sea salt and caviar extract that remove toxins and reduce fat cells. It provides your skin with essential elements.....

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  • Coffee Peeling

    Coffee Peeling

    External factors may affect skin in different ways such as changing pigmentations or loss in vibrance and resilience....

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  • Sea Salt Peeling

    Sea Salt Peeling

    This therapy uses sea salt, which is very high in minerals, to remove dead skin cells and help the body remove toxins. It also makes skin very soft and smooth.

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  • Body Mask (Clay)

    Body Mask (Clay)

    With its special drawing and absorbing qualities, this therapy removes toxins from the body and provides the skin with needed minerals and moisture, which helps improve the skin’s elasticity.

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  • Mineralize Firming Treatment

    Mineralize Firming Treatment

    Signs of ageing can be seen not only on the face but all over the body. In order to regain the vitality of the skin, especially after seasonal changes, the mineralized warm seaweed wrap is an ideal treatment.

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  • Red Algae Slimming Wrap

    Red Algae Slimming Wrap

    Collected from the coasts of Brittany, fucus kelp is the best solution for women that have skin with an orange peel appearance.

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  • Tired Leg Treatment

    Tired Leg Treatment

    Good blood circulation in the legs and feet is the energy source for the entire body. Holding the strain of the body for a lifetime, legs need special treatment and maintenance.

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  • Thalgo – Body Care

    Thalgo – Body Care

    These products partially inspired by Thalgo therapy not only address common problems like cellulites, but also provide a very relieving effect together with a general and long-lasting relaxation effect.

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  • Seaweed Body Wrap

    Seaweed Body Wrap

    Seaweed, same as the sea, holds many qualities that can be utilized in different temperatures. Used as a body wrap it give a “revitalization therapy” treatment for the skin.

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  • Chrono Detox Treatment - Oxygen Care

    Chrono Detox Treatment - Oxygen Care

    Particularly designed for a cleansing effect for all skin types exposed to stress and adverse lifestyle conditions. RNS oxygen-protective complex provides a strong protection against free oxygen radicals.

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