Sports Massage

Sports massage, also known as connective tissue massage, this therapy is ideal for dancers, athletes and those who do an intense physical activity. The primary difference between sports massage and other classic massages is the rhythm and depth of the strokes applied during the massage.

Sports Massage Therapy Techniques
The techniques of sports massage change according to the type and time (as pre and post) sports activity. There are different ways of application before the activity both for relieving cramping and muscle tension and extending the exercising the capacity in a holistic manner. Additionally, sports massage is applied to different areas on the body to prevent the problems such as stiffness and different complaints such as pain and disability.

Sports massage is a must for a sportsman. Although warming and stretching are performed, it will not be enough for some parts of the body and the person will not be ready for enough competitions. Sports massage is applied with the specialized techniques in order not to decrease the expected performance from the body that will enter into a challenging struggle. It supports the success of the athlete and prevents the physical pain caused by the disability, buckling, misalignment.

Benefits of Sports Massage
After the sports massage applied, the athlete or the person who will perform an intense activity will have faster blood flow in his body, relaxer and more flexible muscles and will be able to prepare for the match more easily before and after the warm-up. One of the areas that sports massage is most effective is during the sport massage. Applying these techniques to increase the capacity of the person, whether or not the person is tired or not, will contribute to the success of the athlete and will help to eliminate the symptoms such as injury or fatigue.

You can read more about benefits of sports massage below:

  • It increases the flexibility of the person and makes the movements easier.
  • It will increase the performance of the athlete. The person will feel less tired with increasing flexibility and metabolic rate.
  • Increasing the flexibility of athletes and blood flow will also help them to warm up more easily and prevent injuries that may occur.
  • As the muscle starts to get tired, it cannot be fed with enough oxygen and needs rest periods so that it can store the energy it needs to recover again. Sports massage helps the person get away from fatigue and ready for competition.
  • During sports, the body temperature is increased as the body is not stable. In order to be more powerful and flexible, this temperature must be balanced.
  • Loosing water from the body shakes the balance.
  • Therefore, the sports massage is important in order to regain this balance.
  • It is not appropriate for a tired body to rest immediately after sports as muscles can be at the risk of being damaged. Therefore, the sports massage prepares the athlete’s body to rest after sport. The relaxation of the muscles helps to ensure that the high performance is gradually shifting back into the resting phase.

Deep tissue sports massage is quite different from classical massage and should be applied by experts. It is a form of massage that requires technical knowledge to improve performance as well as a form of treatment. This massage technique is almost indispensable for a professional athlete. Even if you’re an amateur, you’ll be amazed by how much you can achieve in any physical activity with a sports massage.