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INSOMNIA – I can’t get no sleep!

INSOMNIA – I can’t get no sleep! For the last couple of years I see a lot of people having [...]

Being A Buddhist Monk: Tenzin Josh Answered Our Questions

Inspiring interview with Tenzin Josh, who studied with the Dalai Lama to become a Buddhist monk.

Want to Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices?

Want to Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices? Try the Nutritional Cleansing Programs at the LifeCo.

5 Healthy Routines to Start Your Day

With everybody striving to be happier and healthier in the modern-day world we are all becoming more mindful about [...]

All You Need to Know About ‘Grounding’ & How to Do it!

Grounding is an ancient activity that has spread throughout universal cultures, traditions and spiritual practices for hundreds of years. [...]

Yoga as a Form of Therapy for Depression & Anxiety

Meditation and other stress reduction techniques have been used as a possible treatment to combat the symptoms of depression [...]

Natural and Practical Ways to Detox & Cleanse Your Body by Donatas

Detoxing is obviously a subject of huge importance for us at The LifeCo. In fact, performing regular body cleanses [...]

Kathleen’s 21 Day Water Fast Journey @TheLifeCoPhuket


Vegan Sources Of Protein

We know a lot of people often worry about adapting to a vegan diet because they simply believe they [...]

Why We All Need Detox


Eco-Friendly Alternatives

In modern day living we have developed a culture or habit of buying products we don’t need and sometimes [...]