How to lose weight in a natural and healthy way?

Here at The LifeCo we do quite a few things to help people to facilitate their weight loss.

One of the first things that we do when people come is we put them on a program called the Master Detox. On the Master Detox we are actually working on 2 mechanisms.

First and foremost, we are actually helping pull the toxins out of the cell by flattening the body with nutrients, vitamins, minerals.

The next thing we do is giving our guests fiber supplement. Fiber supplement not only helps the guest to feel full and not hungry, but actually helps to pull toxins out of the body and remove them from the body.

One of the things that really associated with people who are not able to lose weight is actually having toxins stored in their cells. When we are not able to effectively detoxify. weight loss becomes really really difficult.

So the first layer is always going to be removing the toxins from the body.

The next layer is reducing the overall calorie intake.

So by just having fresh juices and fiber, we are able to limit the calorie intake while still meeting with our nutritional needs. This makes the guest feel not as hungry and beyond that their nutrition is actually improved even though they are eating less.

After they are on the Master Detox for a period of days, we are transition them to another program either a salad or juicing program, just depending on their individual needs. That program is also lower in calories, but at the same time we are helping to educate the body on the hunger cues. So, you may notice that the things that made you feel hungry before like smells won’t make you hungry anymore.

Because your body is more in touch with what it needs.

We actually sometimes see people losing 20 kilos in 20 days. Really remarkable results.

The reason is not they are restricting calories, but rather it’s that we are nourishing the body and giving the body what it truly is craving and taking away a lot things that it doesn’t need.

Here at the LifeCo, your body will be more in touch with what it needs.

By just having fresh juices and fiber, you are able to limit the calorie intake while still meeting with your nutritional needs. This will make you feel not as hungry as before and beyond that your nutrition is actually improved even though you are eating less.

We have seen people losing 20 kilos in 20 days with our weight loss program. These are really remarkable results!

Ashley Grimmel, The LifeCo Weight Loss Consultant

Mirey Yuhay

Program Coordinator

Mirey Yuhay

Born in Istanbul, Mirey Yuhay studied economics and got certificate programs at UPENN for a year after college. After 13 years of experience in Marketing Communication with an urge to soul search, she attended many workshops and seminars as NLP, bioenergy, coactive coaching, transformational breathing, quantum healing etc. Then she came across TheLifeCo. She became a Program Coordinator at TheLifeCo and helped over 30.000 people detox & heal -one to one- in 15 years from all around the world.

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