The LifeCo has different types of healing and detox programs for every individual.


The LifeCo centers are dedicated to providing the same quality service all over the world.



We offer special programs and promotions based on availability and seasonality.

Chronic Disease Management

Our team of experts are dedicated to support and monitor each guest’s progress.


You can watch our guests as they share their healing experience at The LifeCo Centers.

Cancer Care

The LifeCo Clinic provides an environment that is necessary for healing the body and the mind.

One Day at the Lifeco

The LifeCo Specials

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Being A Buddhist Monk: Tenzin Josh Answered Our Questions

Tenzin Josh has been with us at our centre in Phuket for the last few months, the good news is that he is here to stay. He’s been a great asset to The Lifeco family and all our guests have really enjoyed his talks on mental well-being and meditation sessions. Tenzin has a wealth of

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You may address additional questions to our reservations team and together you can decide on the best option.

Please choose a center that you think is the most convenient for you. Our reservation team will answer your questions in detail and together we will come up with the best program for yourself.