Simple Tips For Healthy Relationships

Some tips from us on how to keep that spark in your relationship going and make it the best it can be. Spending day in and day out with the same person for years and years can be challenging and whoever says it isn’t is lying – throughout your relationship there will be arguments and conflict but what’s important is that you have healthy foundations set to deal with these times. Relationships are sacred, and love can be hard to find so always have gratitude for your relationship and appreciate every moment.

Appreciate and be kind to each other
Often in relationships you get too familiar with each other especially if you have been together for a long period of time. Always treat your partner with affection and make kind gestures, be nice and polite – don’t ever take your partner for granted even after years and years you should always want to make them feel valued, loved and special.

Prioritize Quality Time Together
It is so important that you prioritize quality time with your partner as with modern day hectic city life trying to keep on track with work, family and household duties etc it can often be easy to forget about factoring time in for your relationship.
You need to make time to connect with each other in the best way that works for you and continually build on your relationship – give your partner your full attention – turn the television and computer off, put your phone away and actively listen to what he/she is saying. Do things that deepen your connection with each other this could be long country walks, reading a book together or even doing a yoga class together.

Set Relationship Goals
Like anything in life if you want something good you have to put the work in – a relationship is no different. To benefit from real results and to have a relationship that continues to grow and improve year after year, you have to be specific and set yourselves relationship goals – make sure you continuously keep track of them.
Just like setting goals for yourself – setting relationship goals can sometimes mean confronting some long-standing fears and roadblocks in your relationship such as starting a family or moving home. You might want to set a goal of having at least one special date night once a month, a romantic weekend away once a year without the kids, to learn something new together such as a language or cooker class or what about a detox together a kind of healthy retreat holiday

When Conflict Arises Talk it Out
It is important that when conflict arises in a relationship couples know how to handle it without it escalating into a big argument. A cooperative, affectionate approach may be the best strategy to use when someone tends to get defensive or when the conflict is minor.
Being mindful and taking a deep breath when conflict arises can be so beneficial – if your partner has said or done something to upset you before you react it’s important to process what has happened and think about it before you respond in an angry manner. This will only complicates the situation, Instead of getting angry at each other just have a strategy in place such as both take an hour away from each other to reflect on the situation and then come together and discuss the problem and come to a suitable solution. If you both get used to this habit and learn to effectively communicate with each other it will really improve the quality of your relationship and time together.

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