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Summer Detox Benefits From Our Detox Center

Although the benefits and nature of detox programs vary from person to person, at The LifeCo detox centre we strongly believe in its positive benefits for all kinds of people. With the summer months upon us, now is a great time to take advantage of the benefits of detoxing and get your body and mood back into balance. Our experts have listed some of these advantages below using the understanding of detox that we’ve gained from our years in the field.

Healthy Diet
Detox diets typically consist of high amounts of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables to help boost your immune system and increase your body’s ability to fight off or reduce the severity of infections. Furthermore, the consumption of low fat probiotic yogurt is a staple of any detox diet due to the fact that they help increase the levels of healthy bacteria in your gut, which in turn improves your digestion. This is great for those with constipation and gastrointestinal issues.

Various Detox Benefits
Mood improvement
Weight loss
Replenished energy levels

Eliminating Toxic Routines
Eating late at night, consuming caffeine and a sedentary lifestyle are all toxic routines that can decrease the quality of your life. For example, caffeine can interfere with your sleep patterns and cause insomnia, which can have a negative effect on your mood. Eliminating these routines and replacing them with positive ones such as regular exercise and a nutrient rich diet is a great way to get your mind and body back on the right track and an integral part of detox retreats.

Weight Loss
Although detoxes are not designed for the sole purpose of weight loss, the integration of healthy food diets that comes along with programs such as ours means that weight loss is just another benefit that you will experience. For example, cutting out foods that are high in fat and sugar decreases calorie intake, which will boost your state of mind as well as lower your weight. Regular exercise will also encourage weight loss along with improving your muscle tone.

As the first and only well-being, healthcare and disease prevention and support center in Turkey, The LifeCo is committed to addressing the growing needs of those that want to learn how to prevent and cope with the diseases associated with the modern lifestyle. For those looking for a detox centre that can give them a new recipe of life, check our detox program details or contact us more info.