Visiting Therapist: Eca Brady

Date: Sept 30 – Oct 6
Eca Brady is at The LifeCo Bodrum again!

Before the Women’s Week which will be held on 8-15 October, get well and thrive with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Herbs, which have been specifically tailored for today’s lifestyle by Eca Brady.

“Personalized retreat designed to rebalance your body, enhance your health and wellbeing and reboot your fertility through a specialized program of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture.”

After the private acupuncture sessions, you will:
– Have more energy
– Sleep better
– Have more clarity of mind and ability to focus
– Increase your libido and become more fertile

You would have also learned more about your body, emotions, menstrual cycle, and what is beneficial for you in terms of exercise and nutrition.

Women’s Week with Eca Brady

Date: Oct 8 – 14

Held at The LifeCo resort in Bodrum, a world-renown destination for healing and healthy nutrition, the program is coordinated by Eca Brady, a leading practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Women’s Week has been designed to offer a comprehensive and highly personalized health program, combining Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine along with The LifeCo’s cleansing and nutrition programs. Enjoy the famous resort and be pampered by the focused attention of experts on Infertility and Health, it is all included in your standard accommodation, so just relax and enjoy a healing retreat.

What makes our program different is the unique combination of both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, alongside a comprehensive nutritional program. You will benefit from daily Acupuncture and a bespoke program of Chinese Herbs, meditation and mindfulness practices, yoga exercises, massages, gentle exercise all tailored and designed to increase your fertility, regulate your cycle, reboot your digestive system, increase your energy and rebalance your hormonal system.

Included in the program:

  • Initial consultation lasting 2 hours – for a full traditional diagnostic
  • 1 hour acupuncture session each day
  • Herbal medicine each day
  • Ability to participate in all of the activities provided by LifeCo daily
  • Informational Talks over the 7 days
  • 3 times per day you will have the opportunity to have conversations & feedback with Eca Brady
  • 1 meditation/mindfulness session

Eca Brady, aims to treat the whole person, to provide an excellent bespoke level of personal health care, catering to women who live busy lives. She has a BSc(Hons) in Acupuncture, is a fully qualified member of the British Acupuncture Council and a qualified doula. Her approach is to combine and extensive knowledge of Western Medicine diagnostics with the treatment principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to provide the best overall plan for your health. Her clinic operates from Harley Street in London. She provides a weekly Community Clinic in the Village of Cookham in Berkshire and week-long fertility retreat programs in Europe and Asia.