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About Us

Learn more about The LifeCo's mission and vision about detox and healthy living

About TheLifeCo

TheLifeCo has become a prominent wellness brand focusing on a 360° holistic approach to body, mind and soul. With the sole passion and intention of spreading the culture of healthy living with the individuals, who need or wish to upgrade their vibrancy and wellbeing, TheLifeCo offers unique programs that trigger the body’s natural healing power all in its physical complexes three locations worldwide.

TheLifeCo’s all-natural approach encompassing raw vegan cuisine, therapeutic fasting, metabolic treatments and natural therapies, mindfulness, physical and spiritual exercises aims to encourage and facilitate the individual’s transition to a healthier lifestyle. TheLifeCo always uses organic, unprocessed, unrefined ingredients, whole foods, and herbs to enhance human health

TheLifeCo History

Established in 2005, TheLifeCo is the first organization to introduce healthy lifestyle programs and detox culture in Turkey. Today, we are with three wellbeing & detox centers in Bodrum and Antalya, Turkey and Phuket, Thailand.

Our centers offer programs and services that provide detoxification, wellbeing, anti-aging, healthy lifestyle changes, disease prevention and various other supportive treatments. Over 16 years, we have been striving to enlighten our guests about how to live healthier, cope with stress, anxiety and burnout, toxic burdens, prevent chronic diseases and provide them with effective services that enable them to recover from all possible adverse effects.

Since we have started, we have gained a lot of experience in health and wellness, and we are involved in many pieces of research and studies. One of the most important experiences we have is that body, soul, and mind are a whole of our health, and we should learn to protect our health without losing this triple balance.

As TheLifeCo, we have worked to gain your trust in this matter; we have made investments and continue to do so. We develop raw vegan snacks and natural food supplements with herbal ingredients and present them to our guests at our centers.

All of these efforts, of course, are as valuable as you can reach them. With our website, info kits and info magazine, which we prepared for this purpose, we aim to contribute content that you can read with pleasure and thus contribute to our goal with small touches.

Philosophy and Approach

TheLifeCo’s philosophy and approach for a better life is built on 4 main pillars that are necessary for a healthier lifestyle and increasing longevity:

  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Flexibility
  • Mind


We separate nutrition from food, believing in the therapeutic and strengthening ability of the diet through conscious selections. Every individual can uplift their overall wellbeing through nutrient-dense ingredients, and our premises offer the most nutritiously balanced meals and juices at all times.

The foundation of all chronic diseases, which cause around 65% of all deaths on Earth, is toxin accumulation in the body. The various ways that cause toxin accumulation are air pollution, water pollution, stress, and unhealthy food. At TheLifeCo we aim to address this issue by reducing the amount of toxin intake and putting the individuals through an effective detox process. 

Our guests take all of the necessary daily nutrition in detox shakes and herbs during detox. Especially during our award-winning programs, such as master detox program, our guests consume no solid foods. This way, they can rest their digestion and trigger their body’s natural detoxification abilities. Because the required energy for digesting food, which is around 40% of our metabolism, can be used for cleansing and rejuvenation purposes through detox.


Premises designed to be calming and energizing help individuals focus more on their healing rather than dealing with countless amounts of signals we receive from an urban life that cause stress, anxiety, rush, and hurry.

Nowadays, people get very mixed signals about living a proper lifestyle with all the web’s information. At TheLifeCo, we believe in high nutrition, low-calorie meal plans and natural therapies to kick the body towards healing itself. Individuals need to change the current environment into healthy ones to heal their bodies and minds, no matter which method is used.

Our daily lifestyle and routines are challenging to change without a change of environment, and all of TheLifeCo Centers are designed to be very suitable for a healing journey. The staff and medical team will be at your disposal during your detox retreat. We can assure you that it will be effortless to transition into a healthier lifestyle after returning home from such a perfect experience.


Whether an athlete or an office worker, every individual requires certain physical activities to stimulate the lymphatic system and hormones that contribute to happiness and mood. Through physical endurance and flexibility within one’s capacity comes a clearer and sharper mental state, which leads to vibrant life.

You may want to lose weight, look younger, detoxify or relax. Whatever it is you require, there are two things you have to remember. Nothing can stop you from drinking water, and no one can stop you from taking a walk. It may seem like a very easy tip, but it is a MUST to move for our lymphatics system to work effectively. Our lymphatics system is in charge of moving fluids around our body, and this job involves carrying the toxic load out of the body as well. Unfortunately, this system has no heart like the circulatory system, so we must move.

At TheLifeCo, we provide you with two yoga and meditation classes every day. You are also welcome to get massages and other physical treatments to get your lymphatics system moving.


The deep cleansing and nourishment processes are effectively influencing the mind. Stress-free, toxin-free individuals would no more feel a burden in mind, resulting in higher peace and awareness. Every healthy act directly reflects the mind, thus explaining the holistic aspect of TheLifeCo’s programs.

We believe that mindfulness is about loosening your bonds with your thoughts and feelings. The best thing you can do to deal with your anxieties, worries, sorrows, and fears is to release them. The change begins with the correct mindset and intention. Clearing your mind about your expectations from life makes it easier to achieve a positive transformation.

Mindfulness gives you the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. One of the best ways to increase awareness is to add new experiences to your life. For this, you can have experiences that shape your life at TheLifeCo.

TheLifeCo Awards

2022 “Türkiye’s Best Wellness Retreat” World Spa Awards

World Spa Awards have again recognized TheLifeCo as Türkiye’s Best Wellness Retreat. We are happy to receive this award as pioneers of wellness in Turkey.

2012 “Gold Category” BID Quality Award

“World Quality Commitment” award was defined as the world’s greatest quality award and awarded by the Business Initiative Directions (BID).

2014 “Platinum Category” BID Quality Award

TheLifeCo also received full marks from customers: customer satisfaction, customer relations, leadership, prestige, innovation and development, and technology. At the ceremony held in Paris, The LifeCo General Manager Figen Tunçsav received the award from BID President Jose E. Prieto. Tunçsav emphasized that human health is essential to TheLifeCo, so they will not compromise quality and customer satisfaction.

2016 “Best Healthy Living Product” Category Best Product Award

The “Watsons Beauty and Personal Care Awards”, in which the “best of” beauty and personal care products were identified, were awarded with TheLifeCo Organic Coconut Oil.

2017 “International Health Tourism and SPA” Category “Best Regional Enterprise” Award

“Excellence in Quality Awards” was awarded by an important jury from England, Belgium and Switzerland, known as the Excellence in Quality and Management Award.

2018 “Best SPA & Wellness 2018” Category

It is entitled to receive the “LTG SPA & Wellness” award, organized by Luxury Travel Guide and is the best in the field with 550.000 participants nominated every year.

2018 ” Best Detox Programme” Award

World Spa Awards have again recognized TheLifeCo by our signature “Master Detox Programme”. You can also look at the program and apply for it in any of our centers!

2018 ” Top 50 HealthCare Companies” Award

TheLifeCo has been awarded one of the top healthcare companies to deal with chronic diseases through natural therapies and treatments.

The company has:

  • Three Well-being Centers: TheLifeCo Phuket, Bodrum and Antalya.
  • A Product Kitchen in İstanbul that prepares and distributes Saf Box and Saf Express products, and also supports the development of dietary programs at the wellbeing Centers.
  • Healthy living products that are imported and distributed across Turkey, and TheLifeCo-branded Food Supplements produced at the DUAG center in Izmir.