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Pre Detox Diet

A pre-detox plan is important to prepare your body for the detox program. Increasing the alkalinity of the body prepares it for a deeper cleansing.

Why Should You Pre-Detox?

It is important that you prepare your body for the detox program. Increasing the alkalinity of the body prepares it for the deeper cleansing of Detox. During Detox, your body releases toxins stored in tissues, these toxins enter the bloodstream and can cause a series of indications from rashes, aches and pains to bad breath, body odor, mood swings and disturbed sleep patterns. By following our Pre-Detox program you can mitigate or even eliminate these side effects.

  • Alkalize and prepare your body for a deeper and easier cleansing.
  • Ease down the healing symptoms of detoxing (Less headache, dizziness, low energy, mood swings).
  • Change your mind and get more receptive to the idea of “A New You”.

Healthy liquid intake will help you help reduce the inflammation in the body

  • Drink water as often as possible.
  • Do not drink water during, or 30 minutes before or after your meal.
  • Drink it between meals for better digestion.
  • Pay attention to Ph level of your water. (8 Ph or higher)
  • You can drink all sorts of herbal and fruit teas instead.
  • Drink at least 1 raw, organic fruit or vegetable juice a day while pre-cleansing; you may drink as much as you like.
  • However, to balance the sugar intake fruit juices (especially carrot and orange) may need to be diluted.
  • Green vegetable juices may be used freely.
  • Vegetable soups and Vegetable mineral broth is a fantastic source of electrolytes and minerals and may be taken often.
  • Kefir drink would be a great source for probiotics. Drink one glass a day.

Note: Water is a Very Critical Addition to The Cleansing Process. Start Your Day by Drinking 2 Glasses of Water.

Avoid The Following During a Pre-Detox

  • You should stop or reduce the intake of coffee, black tea, energy drinks, alcohol and all other drinks with caffeine.
  • Decaffeinated drinks and all kind of packaging – processed juices, sodas, soft drinks would consist of plenty of additives – So please avoid them as well.
  • Try to eat no meat, no other animal product, no dairy products as possible.
  • Eat raw or cooked vegetables instead. (75% raw and 25% cooked is a good guideline for most people)
  • If your digestion is very weak, you may need to eat some steamed or baked vegetables.
  • Dinner should be completed at 19.00. After that, herbal tea and raw nuts can be consumed as an appetizer.
  • It’s good to avoid sugar or foods with added sugar.
  • We all know it’s a poison. So try to replace it with organic honey, maple syrup or date syrup or coconut sugar.
  • Eat no fried food or foods cooked in oils.
  • When you do use oil, if possible use avocado oil, cold-pressed organic olive oil or flax seed oil.
  • Please try to avoid any kind of packaged food-drinks or consider the organic food certificated ones.

Note: Controlling Caffeine Intake Will be a Tremendous Help Especially in Avoiding Headaches During Cleansing