Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Retreat that Works Fast & Well

The LifeCo approach to weight loss places great emphasis on detoxification and getting your digestive system functioning as it should, allowing other systems in the body to rejuvenate, cleanse and balance. In this way, our weight loss programs work at an efficient and highly sustainable level leading to long-lasting results. The LifeCo has 4 main pillars to facilitate weight loss:

We remove the toxins from the body. One of the things that really associated with people who are not able to lose weight is actually having toxins stored in their cells. When we are not able to effectively detoxify, weight loss becomes really difficult.

The next thing we do is giving our guests a fiber supplement. Fiber supplement not only helps the guest to feel full and not hungry but actually helps to pull toxins out of the body and remove them from the body.

Our programs are designed to help reduce toxin accumulation from your body while changing your unhealthy eating habits. Juicing for weight loss is one effective way for you to eliminate toxins. Once you eliminate edema and toxins, your body will start to use its energy to burn fat cells while keeping you full. Additionally, you will have cleaner organs and radiant skin.

We reduce the overall calorie intake. We are able to limit the calorie intake while still meeting with your nutritional needs. Fresh juices, salads and fiber help you feel not as hungry as before, and beyond that your nutrition is actually improved even though you are eating less. Your program will be lower in calories, but at the same time, we will be helping to educate your body on the hunger cues. So, you may notice that the things that made you feel hungry before like smells won’t make you hungry anymore.

Master Detox is our quickest and most effective program for weight loss management. It is prepared with herbs and shakes to provide the cleanse, nutrition and fiber your body needs to burn fat cells while keeping you full in such short time.

We apply natural therapies. The therapies applied at The LifeCo centers aim to enhance the weight loss process and also provide the necessary nutrition the body requires.

IV Treatments applied by our medical team help the body balance itself and has significant anti-aging effects. Enemas and colon hydrotherapy help release of accumulated toxins through the colon.

We also enhance the release of toxins through treatments such as massages, steam bath, Turkish hammam and infrared sauna.

These therapies will be implemented into your program after the initial consultation with your program coordinator as well as our doctors.

The LifeCo Centers are providing the necessary healing environment. A weight loss journey is also supposed to be a healing journey. The main cause of excessive weight gain is the lack of motivation and daily distractions. You may have the right intention and mindset but if you are surrounded with toxic stimulants, it becomes very difficult to lose weight.

The LifeCo centers are located in peaceful environments designed to enhance the healing process. Keep in mind that you will be surrounded by like-minded people enjoying their own journeys and also a capable staff including an experienced medical team.

When you feel like you get demotivated, you will feel our caring hand on your shoulder and keep on track!

We have seen people losing 20 kilos in 20 days with our weight loss program. These are really remarkable results!”

Ashley Grimmel – Nutritionist

What is Included in Weight Loss Program?

  • Accommodation
  • Detox / Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Nutrition and Diet Counseling
  • Nutrition and Diet Workshops
  • SPA, Fitness & Swimming Pool
  • Biophoton Therapy
  • Turbosonic Vibration Therapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Daily Steam Room Use
  • Daily Oxygen Therapy
  • Daily Colon Cleansing

Reservation Inquiry for Standard Program

You can make an inquiry by filling the reservation form. Once you fill the form our team will get in touch with you to inform you about our programs. You may address additional questions to our reservations team and together you can decide on the best option in terms of dates and logistics.

Not ‘Fast’ but ‘Permanent’ Weight Loss

You will have complementary therapies below and be able to add some additional therapies to your base program which will accelerate and enhance your weight loss progress.

Far infrared ray penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates metabolism through self-heating, helping to eliminate harmful metals accumulated through poor diet, delays aging. In this new concept of far infrared waves combined with sonic wave vibration using speakers let precise vertical sonic wave vibration reach into the body and helps to increase muscular strength which can strongly stimulate the body to naturally increase bone density.

Daily colon cleansing provides an effective way to clean your colon which helps significant weight loss by removing toxic waste. Through the Angel of Water, it is possible to cleanse the entire length of the colon during a professionally administered session. Regular colon cleansing has various benefits, especially during the master detox program. Psyllium husk powder and bentonite clay in the shakes accelerates toxic release and Angel of Water (Colon Cleansing) becomes necessary to release these toxins.

When you arrive at the center, you will have different expectations regarding different aspects of the program. Weight loss can be your main motivation, however meeting our doctors on-site and having an initial consultation will help you understand the triggers of your specific weight problem. Only then you will be able to focus on what is necessary and you will be getting treatments suggested during your doctor consultation.

Turbosonic sessions are available at The LifeCo centers as complementary treatments. The vibration enhances cellular oxygen intake, makes nutrient absorption more effective and stimulates lymphatic movement. These effects increase the waste removal process and make your weight loss experience more beneficial. Turbosonic vibration therapy is also suitable for people suffering from injuries and are unable to perform physical activities effectively.

Expected Results of the Weight Loss Program at The LifeCo

At The LifeCo Weight Loss Program, you will achieve a desirable weight loss while ensuring your optimum health. Because your body will more in touch with what it needs. We are suggesting a stay of min 4 to 7 days to see a change. In 7 days, you will see the change in yourself, lose weight, get rid of edema and toxins. The reason for this is not only restricting calories but rather it’s that we are nourishing the body and giving the body what it truly is craving and taking away a lot of things that it doesn’t need.

Furthermore, and more important than the weight you lose, you will learn how to continue losing weight and keeping it off. With a focus on mindfulness, better lifestyle choices and healthier nutrition, The LifeCo experience will become an ongoing part of your daily life.

Benefits of Weight Loss Program at The LifeCo

  • Weight Loss
  • High nutrient intake
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Radiant skin
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved bowel movement
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Alkalinity
  • Hormonal balance
  • Excess fat loss
  • Improved digestive function

Our Weight Loss Meal Plans

Each meal plan serves a different purpose. You will be assisted by our doctors and program coordinators to pick the best option for you.

The most effective and quickest solution for cleansing and weight-loss. Best Detox Programme of 2018 at World Spa Awards

An instant alkalization boost for your system. Ideal for nourishing the body with nutrients and enhancing the immune system

For anybody who wants to allow their digestive system to rest, cells to renew and get rid of toxins. You eat for 6 hours and rest for 18

A transitional program and a kick-start to healthy eating. Ideal as preparation for master detox and transition afterwards.

A nutrition plan which the body gets all its energy from plant and protein-based fats. It is also used as an effective therapeutic diet

For those who want to leave their daily dietary routine and lose weight in a healthy, long-lasting way. Raw can be delicious as well!

Additional Therapies You Can Purchase During The Program

In addition to complementary therapies and treatments already present in the weight loss program, you may purchase additional therapies to boost the weight loss process. Additional therapies may depend on your center preference. We prepared some pre-made packages for you with convenient pricing as well.

The cells in our body move with a certain rhythm when they are healthy. When these rhythmic movements are defective for any reason, disorders occur in the tissue where these cells live. The head- piece of this specially-shaped therapy device is designed to cause the physiological vibrations that are unique to our body. These vibrations are mechanically applied externally to the body to stimulate the skeletal muscles and the nervous system harmonically and rhythmically. As a result, metabolism (the process of nutrition and waste removal in the cells and cellular environment) will return to normal in a very short period of time.

Embodying the technologies which provide a firmer, well-shaped skin and volumetric, circumferential, cellulite reduction on the applied areas. The key of Venus Legacy Technologies, stimulates the natural wound-healing functions of the body. The result is resurfaced skin tissue. Plus, it has a triggering effect on the process of lipolysis within the fat tissues as a natural function.

Sodium bicarbonate is administered with the help of an inhalation machine and mask. During the detox program, it is a very effective therapy. It supports the body’s alkaline level, strengthens the immune system, has anti-aging effects and also promotes detoxification while exhaling.

A single drop of your blood can tell a lot about your lifestyle and diet, your water consumption, the amount of protein and fat you consume, the status of your immune system, the oxidation of your red blood cells and more. All this can be seen on a computer screen. We recommend that you do this analysis before and after the detox process to see the improvement in the blood.

With Live Blood Analysis we will be able to:

  • Observe potential problems related to dehydration, oxidative stress and organ toxicity.
  • Look at protein absorption and assimilation.
  • Identify possible carbohydrate malabsorption issues.
  • Identify possible breaches in fat metabolism.
  • Help you rebalance your blood through lifestyle, emotional and dietary adjustments.

This will provide your internal organs with a healthy environment in which to work effectively and efficiently.

Three or four sessions in the Ozone Sauna per week help you relax and get rid of your stress. It is not a luxury, but a good way to return to healthy and natural methods of living, similar to the tradition of steam, bath and thermal springs that have been around in some cultures for thousands of years. Ozone Sauna is a new sauna technology that infuses oxygen through steam and hot air into your skin and Body in a special cabin. Oxygen is absorbed through your pores and transferred to your blood system, lymph and fat tissues. The Ozone Sauna detoxifies the lymphatic system, clears the skin, relaxes your muscles, accelerates blood flow and kills bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. You will have an enjoyable sauna experience while treating your Body with a high level of oxygen and ozone.

Standard Program Prices at The LifeCo

Bodrum280 €460 €
Antalya237 €397 €
Phuket8600 THB15000 THB

There are 6 Options in the Standard Program: Master Cleanse, Green Juice Detox, Green Salad Detox, Anti-Aging Program, Low-calorie Program, Ketogenic Program. Your program will be prepared once you are at the center based on your requirements and needs.

The Prices are daily rates in standard rooms including standard program. Prices will differ according to your room and number of people selection.

The LifeCo Weight Loss Package Prices

The LifeCo standard programs provide the essentials for cleansing and nourishing your body. The add-on packages provide a set of additional therapies to enhance your experience and boost the expected results.

These packages are not included in the standard programs. Based on your duration of stay you may purchase a package separately.

This number of sessions are recommended for 4-7 days. The amount of sessions can be revised according to the number of days you stay.  Therapies are not refundable.


Small(4-7 Days)

      • 2 x Live Blood Analysis
      • 1 x Turkish Bath Scrub
      • 3 x Massage Therapy
      • 1 x Matrix Rhythm Therapy
      • 2 x Lymph Drainage
      • 2 x Venus Body (leg + abd)
      • 2 x Ozone Sauna
      • 3 x Fitness
      • 4 x Sodium Inhaler
      • 1 x I.V. Protocol
    • € 935

Small(4-7 Days)

      • 1 x Colon Hydrotherapy (60 min)
      • 1 x Rectal Ozone Therapy (30 min)
      • 1 x Enema (Any type)
      • 1 x Thai Massage (60 min)
      • 2 x Electro Lymphatic Therapy (60 min)
      • 4 x Sonic Infrared Sauna (20 min)
      • 4 x Sonic Table Therapy (20 min)
      • 3 x Beemer
        25.675 THB

Small(4-7 Days)

    • 2 x Live Blood Analysis
    • 1 x Turkish Bath Scrub
    • 3 x Massage
    • 3 x Matrix Rhythm Therapy
    • 3 x Robolex
    • 2 x Ozone Sauna
    • 0 x Fitness
    • 4 x Sodium Inhaler
    • 1 x I.V. Protocol
      € 661

Reservation Inquiry for Standard Program

You can make an inquiry by filling the reservation form. Once you fill the form our team will get in touch with you to inform you about our programs. You may address additional questions to our reservations team and together you can decide on the best option in terms of dates and logistics.

Programs at The LifeCo

The LifeCo standard programs provide the essentials for cleansing, nourishing and rejuvenating your body.
This program provides highly sustainable and long-lasting results in weight loss.
Diabetes recovery program is designed to help manage and reverse diabetes naturally.

Ultimate Detox consists of a detox or healthy nutrition plan & natural therapies that accelerate the detoxification process.

An effective program to provide rejuvenation and detoxification on your liver.

An active program for those who wants to get fit fast by losing weight and cleanse the body from toxins.

Anti Aging Program at The LifeCo

Anti-Aging Program

Anti-Aging Program consists of a detox plan along with natural therapies to help to slow down the aging effects.
Water fasting, also known as a water cleanse, is a type of fasting in which you consume only water for a set period of time.

FAQ about Weight Loss Program

When we eat food heavy in sugar, the pancreas secretes counter agent quickly to prevent blood sugar from peaking to dangerous levels. After the blood sugar is balanced, the remainder of blood sugar balancing enzymes in our blood circulation demands more sugar. As a result of this unending paradox, it is nowadays very difficult to satisfy our hunger.

In a weight loss retreat at The LifeCo, you will be provided with a meal plan that includes natural living food (plant-based nutrition) to keep the blood sugar levels at optimum level. Due to the nature of this food option with low glycemic index, even when you have sugar resistance you will benefit from the weight loss effects fully.

You can lose weight through various methods and diets. You may prefer an animal protein based diet, or starve yourself or you can simply run on the treadmill the whole day. As long as you are committed to what you are doing any of these options should work. At The LifeCo, we care about your well-being and as a result, we try to keep your days as natural and simple as possible.

You will get the knowledge to keep your weight in balance in the long run. At the retreats in our centers, you will be meeting with professionals and people going through a similar experience. You will not just lose excess weight but also benefit from other natural treatments to speed up the weight loss process.

The experience of our guests is that the weight loss during our weight loss programs is permanent for the vast majority. Many tell us that it is really difficult to fall into old habits after spending the best days of their lives with us.

The amount of weight loss can depend on many factors, both internal and external, the most significant ones are the persons metabolic rate, age, current weight, gender and of course lifestyle.

We have had guests that lost a significant amount of weight, we also had guests that did not lose a lot of weight and that simply means that their body did not need to lose a lot of weight. Through the master detox meal plan and other therapies what we do as The LifeCo is mainly speeding up the natural course of weight loss. For more details on how much weight you are likely to lose in our weight loss retreats, you can apply for more information by filling out the form on this page.

The methods practiced at The LifeCo centers do not include any pharmaceuticals, drugs or excessive physical exercise. It is based on a plant-based meal plan and juicing. You can read about the proven studies regarding this methodology here.

Professional support is very important for The LifeCo philosophy. At all of our centers, we have doctors, nurses and certified medical staff in addition to nutritionists and detox consultants. Our programs are tailor made for our guest’s requirements and you will be monitored throughout your program to get the maximum benefit from any of our programs.

You will have a doctor on site during the day to answer your questions. You will also be meeting a lot of other professionals in the fields of physical fitness, breathing therapy, healthy cooking, yoga, and meditation.

The LifeCo has 2 centers in Europe, namely The LifeCo Bodrum and The LifeCo Antalya. We have 1 more center in Thailand, The LifeCo Phuket. We suggest you take into consideration the travel time required as all of our centers offer the same service at the highest quality. There are direct flight options available from a lot of major cities in Europe and Asia as well as MENA region.

You can apply to any of the centers and our representatives will inform you about other center possibilities as well.

Our Centers

You may enjoy the Weight Loss Program at any of our centers. Please remember, that the right program for you might also be decided after the initial consultation with our doctors and program coordinators. 

The LifeCo Bodrum is a unique destination for healing and detoxification in Europe. We are here to guide you of the way to your healing during your stay with us. Our programs aim to revitalize and connect your body, mind and emotions, re-energise and balance you fully with activities such as yoga, meditation and daily walks. As The LifeCo Bodrum, we offer our guests a wonderful combination of detox experience and relaxing holiday at Bodrum’s soothing environment to improve your overall well-being. Join us for a special experience at The LifeCo Bodrum.

We invite you to a health journey at one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, Phuket. At The LifeCo Phuket, we offer you detox, healthy nutrition and wellness programs, along with natural therapies with professional medical services as well as mindfulness support. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you together with our 15 years of experience and the healing atmosphere of Southeast Asia.

Located within the famous 5-star Akra Hotel, The LifeCo Akra Antalya Center offers its guests Europe’s best result oriented options of healthy nutrition and detox programs. At The LifeCo Akra Antalya, you will feel renewed by a comprehensive set of therapies, a healthy nutrition plan and the ultimate soothing environment while your loved ones enjoy the city of Antalya. Ideal for business trips and family holidays, The LifeCo Akra Antalya could be your next stop for a refreshing and pleasant holiday with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Why should you choose a Weight Loss Program at The LifeCo?

No-Chewing is essential

Our brain consumes around 25% of our daily energy but around 30% is already spent on digestion, producing the necessary enzymes and eliminating the toxins through blood circulation and ultimately through the bowels. When we take a time-out on digestion and consume no solid foods, the body can use this extra energy to start cleaning and renovating itself. The cleansing starts from the blood and liver. After the program is done, you are expected to have a better functioning body inside and out (you will simply glow).

Detox Retreat and Healthy Nutrition Program in Turkey

Ever wondered if you are living up to your true potential in life? Are you the healthiest you can possible be? Do you have concerns about committing to your health? Are you sceptical about the results you may achieve in a retreat? The lifeCo Bodrum serves its guests with a very holistic approach to maintain their level of energy, to educate and encourage them that a higher quality of life is possible. Why don’t you give it a try like the 30.000 guests that did. 90% of The LifeCo guests recommend our programs. Chronic disease management, weight control, diabetes recovery and standard detox programs are at your disposal by our professional medical team in Turkey.

Join anytime that suits you

The LifeCo Detox Programs can be attended at any time during the year. Minimum 4 days are recommended but we have had guests staying for up to 30 days for our programs. During the detox retreat, there may be guest experts in our centers and you are welcome to attend their workshops or lectures. Based on the availability you may change between different kind of detox programs as well. This can be decided by yourself based on directions provided by our detox experts. The first couple of days of the cleanse can be tough, because your body can resist the change in various ways but after this threshold is passed you will start feeling the real change!

Result Oriented Approach of The LifeCo

The LifeCo offer its guests the most result oriented detox programs in Europe. Since its opening in 2005, The LifeCo has been providing services in forms of weight loss retreats, healthy nutrition programs and it has become one of the most successful detox destinations in Europe. The LifeCo centers practice holistic medicine, detox diets, weight loss programs to help you achieve your ideal weight. Wellness programs in various areas to support your body, mind and spirit. The LifeCo does not only act as a detox spa but it also provides you with the knowledge about healthy lifestyle in general. Join one of our programs and experience true well-being in Europe.

Reservation Inquiry for Standard Program

You can make an inquiry by filling the reservation form. Once you fill the form our team will get in touch with you to inform you about our programs. You may address additional questions to our reservations team and together you can decide on the best option in terms of dates and logistics.

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