Discover the Long Term Benefits of Calorie Restriction

Low-Calorie Program

Less is more! The low calorie program is designed to reduce your calorie intake on a healthy level and control your hunger. You will discover numerous benefits of calorie restriction with this program and experience the ultimate wellbeing at TheLifeCo.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Ultimate Detoxification

Soothing Environment

Stronger Immune System

Healthy Weight Loss

Well-Aging and Regeneration

TheLıfeCo Wellbeıng

Low in Calorie, High in Nutrients

The Low Calorie program will take your health to a much higher level and rejuvenate you with the benefits of calorie restriction. This program is designed to provide rapid weight loss, rest your digestive system, help you get rid of toxins and renew your cells.

The Low Calorie program combines the concepts of eating raw vegan food and avoiding any food containing animal products and food cooked above 48 °C (118 °F). It has a raw-vegan meal plan with raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes, sprouts, seeds, plant oils, herbs and fresh juices.

Restrict Calories, Revive Your Life

A balanced low calorie diet is very important for a healthy weight. Once weight gain and calorie intake are under control with a low calorie diet, your body can start to use its energy to rejuvenate itself. Calorie restriction can help reverse aging and additionally, protect you from conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Low calorie eating is a powerful way to fight against free radicals which hasten natural aging by damaging the cells. During a low calorie diet, your body can receive a good amount of anti oxidants and chlorophyll to neutralize free radicals.

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TheLifeCo Wellbeing Centers

We provide the optimum wellness retreat experience in 3 centers. Each center is designed to meet your specific requirements to create a new version of yourself.

Learn More About Our Program

You can make an inquiry by filling the reservation form. Once you fill the form our team will get in touch with you to inform you about the low calorie programs.

Learn More About Our Program

You can make an inquiry by filling the reservation form. Once you fill the form our team will get in touch with you to inform you about our programs.

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Benefits of the Low Calorie Program

Improves Digestion

Even if you seem to tolerate processed foods well in your daily eating routine, they can weaken your digestion over time. That’s why eating raw vegan is essential to improve your digestive health.

Lowers Inflammation

The low calorie nature of the program will support your gut flora. When you have healthier bacteria and get rid of the harmful ones, acute and chronic inflammation and autoimmune become lower.

Provides More Dietary Fiber

The dietary fiber you will receive during your program will support your regular bowel movement and help prevent and treat constipation, abdominal pain, or bloating and diarrhea.

Improves Heart Health

The low calorie program includes a raw vegan diet based on fruits and vegetables which do not contain any cholesterol. This diet will help lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease, complications and stroke.

Lowers Cholesterol

Dark green and raw vegetables do not contain cholesterol as animal source foods do. Green Salad Detox will lower your cholesterol levels and prevent complications in your body due to high cholesterol.

Improves Liver Function

A healthy liver is essential for our body to work correctly. Eating a raw vegan diet will help cleanse both the liver and blood. Moreover, eating low in calories will support your optimal liver function by promoting detoxification.

Prevents Cancer

Low calorie, raw vegan meals lower the number of antinutrients and carcinogens in your diet. Moving carcinogens, toxins and waste out of your cells through the Low Calorie program can help prevent types of cancer.

Supports A Healthy Body Weight

Through raw fruits and vegetables, your body absorbs good amounts of water, vitamins and minerals. The low calorie program prevents nutrient deficiencies and maintains healthy body weight.

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Daily schedule is subject to change depending on the center and season.

Learn More About Our Program

You can make an inquiry by filling the reservation form. Once you fill the form our team will get in touch with you to inform you about the low calorie programs.

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