Men's Health Retreat

Unleash Your True Potential

By joining a Men's Health Retreat at TheLifeCo Phuket, you can find a unique opportunity to focus on your wellbeing and create lasting changes in your life. With personalized guidance from our experts, you will learn the tools to develop healthier habits and start living with a healthier body and mind.

Increased Testosterone
Healthy Weight Loss
Better Performance
Higher Energy Levels
Ultimate Detoxification
Well-Aging and Regeneration

Designed to Take Back Control of Your Life

We understand the difficulties men face associated with ongoing unhealthy lifestyle habits, occupational stress and life challenges, and we offer ‘time out’ from daily life so that you can take care of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

With our experienced team on your side, you’ll be able to build resilience and improve your mood, weight, performance, muscle mass, libido and overall sense of well-being. 

What Affects Men’s Health?

Men over 35 are more susceptible to lifestyle-related diseases, from stress and anxiety to chronic fatigue and a higher risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Attending a men’s health retreat can help you tackle these problems head-on by equipping you with the skills and techniques needed for improved physical and mental wellbeing.

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why mens retreat

Why Men's Health Retreat?

At a retreat designed specifically for men, you’ll be able to learn skills and techniques that will help you manage your stress levels, increase your energy levels and improve overall health. Plus, with access to professionals who understand male-specific issues, you can be sure that any concerns you may have regarding your physical or mental health are addressed in a safe and supportive environment.

It's time to prioritize yourself!

Cleanse, Nurture, Restore

Our programs promote detoxification by eliminating toxins from the liver and body and providing necessary support for healthy weight, immunity, digestion and nutrient absorption.

Harmonize Your Hormones and Testosterone

You can reduce symptoms such as fatigue, aging and low sex drive and boost testosterone levels with Testosterone, HSC, Growth Hormone and NAD IV.

Optimize Your Energy and Performance

Get rid of the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle on a program personalized for you and achieve more energy and better performance while building muscle and strength.

Enhance Your Mental Wellness

Our indoor and outdoor activities focus on mental wellness, mindfulness and finding greater inner peace. Manage stress through relaxing wellness activities, such as yoga and meditation.

For Questions & Reservation

We are here to guide you through your program. Reach us to start with planning it together!

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‘As a father of three, I made taking care of my mental and physical wellbeing a top priority at TheLifeCo!’’

Jason's Mental Detox Journey

Jason dared to unlock the stress cycle, relieve and relax through a wellness retreat. He is the greatest example to see what your journey might look like!

‘Losing weight and getting healthy was my goal, but it was the incredible health knowledge I acquired that truly amazed me!’’

Bill's Master Detox Experience

Bill initially came to us with the idea of getting healthier and losing weight, and with master detox and natural therapies, he achieved his goals under our supervision!

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Longevity Therapies at TheLifeCo Phuket

We take technology and our holistic health approach to the next level by combining cutting-edge methods and therapies with personalized programs. This way we help you optimize your health, prevent chronic diseases and achieve peak performance, vitality and longevity while living healthier lives.

The resonance between two objects causes the second object to vibrate along with the first. Sensate uses the natural powers of audible and tactile resonance to calm your body’s nervous system. It uses infrasonic waves to tone the vagus nerve, which regulates the body’s sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, managing our “fight or flight” and “rest and digest” responses. Sensate vibrations, similar to the purring of a cat, help the body’s nervous system recover from daily stress.

NeuroVIZR is the world’s first light-sound wearable device for enjoying revitalizing effects that stimulate and support your brain. It turns on the brain’s neural networkscapacity for neuroplastic transformation and provides positive changes and benefits for the whole body. The NeuroVIZR creates lights and sounds for you to experience colourful geometric & fractal patterns and alluring soundscapes variation peacefully. These lights and sounds combination rewire the systems in the brain to achieve the brain’s full potential. 

The BrainTap headset creates a perfect balance of sound, music and spoken word to help you achieve the ultimate brainwave training and relaxation. Its innovative neuro-algorithm helps you achieve emotional stability and mental harmony – and best of all – experience the joy of higher states of consciousness!

Emotiv Insight is the only device in the consumer EEG category that measures activity from all cortical lobes of the brain, providing in-depth information that is usually found only in the research

Turbosonic Vibration Therapy improves muscle performance, bone density, strength, and balance, as well as helps to reduce body fat in the long term. Simply standing on it for 10 minutes is equal to a 40-90 min workout.
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Included Services at TheLifeCo

For Questions & Reservation

We are here to guide you through your program. Reach us to start with planning it together!

Soothing Atmosphere

TheLifeCo Phuket is located in peaceful and relaxing locations

Qualified Medical Team

Doctor and medical support on-site to assist you in your healing journey

Intravenous Therapies

Various IV Treatments to boost the healing process and generate youth

Exercise & Fitness

Activities to increase your emotional and physical balance and your inner peace

Education Programs

Every day we hold lectures or workshops to share our expertise with our guests

Diet & Wellness Coaching

Your personal program coordinator will assist you through your healing journey

Body Composition Analysis

We can calculate your basal metabolic rate based on your oxygen uptake

Mental Wellness & Mindfulness

We provide full support for improved mental wellness as well as the physical and spiritual