Diagnostic Tests

Body Composition Test

The Tanita scale measures and calculates your weight, BMI, fat mass, fat percentage, water percentage, water mass, and basal metabolic rate.

Omega 3 Index Test

The amount of Omega-3 in your body and its ratio to Omega-6 is very important for its anti aging effect and effect on heart and brain function.

Food Intolerance Test

This test measures the most commonly consumed foods associated with food intolerance to understand digestive enzyme deficiencies & underlying causes.

Body Gem (Metabolic Rate Test)

Metabolic Test is a diagnostic test that calculates your basal metabolic rate based on your oxygen uptake when breathing in and out.

Live Blood Analysis

This test is for analyzing the negative changes that take place in your blood and inform you about what you can do to achieve a healthy and strong blood cells.

Doctor Consultancy

This is the service of a complete physical examination and/or private consultation to diagnose any health problem you may have.