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What is Breathing Therapy?
It was found on the researches that almost 90% of people use only 30% of their total breathing capacity. These limited breathing habits, along with physical and emotional traumas, appear to cause blockages in our body.

Breathing therapy is a form of therapy that aims to encourage participants to practice to breath properly, about the importance of proper breathing and their positive effects on health.

Benefits of the Breathing Therapy
Respiratory specialist say that it is possible to get rid of 80% of the emotional and physical toxins by respiration. However, we cannot benefit from this potential, because we use only 30% of our lung capacity. At this point, breathing exercises that we need to perform regularly will be helping our lungs to operate at full capacity.

Proper breathing and proper breathing techniques have been developed as a result of research conducted on history of breathing. These techniques have key benefits such as controlling negative emotions, reducing stress, and directing organs to work properly. Through breathing therapy you can;

  • Reduce stress and distraction
  • Cleanse the toxins
  • Feel relaxer
  • Reduce headaches
  • Balanced your heart rhythm
  • Stay in shape
  • Improve the digestive system
  • Keep your inner peace in balance

What is Meditation?
Meditation is an ancient mind-training technique that is used to focus on thought and reach the power to guide it. Meditation therapies have been practiced all over the world for many years and have proven to be scientifically beneficial.

There are a lot of ways and types of meditation such as sound meditation, meditation with the awareness of all the elements in an open space or meditation with giving attention to a single object or image.

You can speed up the detox process and discover your inner strength by joining meditation therapy.

What is the purpose of the Meditation Therapy?
The negative situations we face in our personal, professional and emotional world can cause various problems in our body. The purpose of meditation therapy is to identify participant’s problems and causes of the problems, as well as to gain beneficial habits that will lead to a more positive mood and to develop more positive feelings.

Meditation therapy offers a lot of benefits to your health with the combination of a deep focus and the psychological relaxation. These scientifically proven benefits are:

  • Relaxation and energy renewal
  • Moving away from stress and anxiety
  • Supporting emotional health
  • Increased focus strength endurance
  • Increased personal awareness
  • Development of different relationship forms
  • Leaving negative dependencies
  • Increased sleep quality
  • Managing pain points in the body
  • Balance of blood pressure

What is EFT Therapy?
Emotional Freedom Technique or known EFT therapy is an alternative therapy directed at the individual’s physical aches and emotional distress, created by Cary Graig. It is a form of therapy that does not require any equipment or drugs.

What is the purpose of EFT and how does it applied?
The thought underlying this therapy is the negative feeling and pain caused by the deterioration in energy.

Clogging in our energy system causes us to emotional stress, limits our behavior and makes us lose our harmony with life. This therapy helps us to find the emotional intensity, the source of the disturbances and the emotional obstructions experienced by the person are tried to be opened.

During EFT therapy, the specific problem can be detected by touching the fingertips with the needleless acupuncture method. The cause of the problem is determined by focusing on the negative emotions and reactions in the person and eliminating the emotional problem caused by the negative.

Why Should You Try EFT Therapy?
EFT therapy allows the person to begin a positive change. It has been scientifically proven that in many individuals,where other therapies are not beneficial, they create distinctive positive effects.

The person relaxes quickly and this continues for a long time after the therapy. There have been positive developments in people who have problems such as depression, anxiety, physical pain and insomnia after they participated in EFT therapies and up until now.

What is Yoga?
Yoga is a practice that has emerged in India’s golden age 26,000 years ago which is applied to keep the soul in balance in parallel with bodily movements.

Today, yoga is very popular for its physical benefits as well as spiritual benefits and practiced all over the world.

Why is Yoga good for you?
In order to feel yourself in the best way you can, the most important focus is to keep your body, mind and soul in balance. You can benefit from the healing effects of yoga by participating it in yoga therapy.

You will discover new dimensions about yourself during the yoga therapies that you will join while you are staying with us. Most importantly, you will learn about and practice poses, sequences and asanas to correct postures, correct breathing, reduce stress and raise awareness with our professional yoga instructors,

Who can practice Yoga?
It doesn’t matter if you practiced yoga before or not to join our yoga sessions. All of our guests can benefit from the extraordinary health benefits of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga
The practice of yoga as a whole provides far more benefits to your health and detox process than you think. The most important proven benefits of yoga are;

  • Increasing flexibility
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • A better posture
  • Protecting the spine
  • Accelerating blood circulation
  • Focus and balance enhancement
  • Stress relief
  • Increasing inner peace

What is the Inversion Table?
Inversion table is a tool that relaxes the body and removes toxins at the same time. Inversion therapies have many different techniques. This therapy is performed by using inversion table at The LifeCo centers.

Can Inversion Table improve your health?
The inversion table is used for relieving intensive back pain, relaxation and stretching purposes. During this therapy, top of the table supports the person’s back while the person is safely suspended upside down. Being upside down is necessary for stretching and relaxation of the body.

Benefits of the Inversion Table
The most basic use of an inversion table is known as alleviating back pain. Regardless of your age or condition, adopting an upside-down posture regularly can be beneficial from many different aspects. These benefits include:

  • Relaxation
  • Stretching from top to bottom
  • Improvement in the posture
  • Reduced back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Relaxation in the spine after exercise
  • Prevention of serious spine problems and the possibility of surgery.
  • Who shouldn’t use an Inversion Table?
  • Pregnant women
  • People who use blood pressure medications
  • People with high blood pressure
  • People with heart conditions
  • People with bone resorption
  • People who have back or neck hernia
  • Obesity-diagnosed people
  • People with broken bones
    * Invasion table applications and inversion therapies are generally not recommended for patients with conjunctivitis, retinal detachment or eye pressure.

What is Fitness?
Fitness can be defined as a state being healthy and physically fit, also having the ability to carry out daily tasks with sufficient energy and not to feel tired during any time spent.

This private fitness program with an expert personal trainer aims to improve body condition, increase oxygen intake capacity, decrease stress levels and teach you about healthy exercising. You can speed up your detox and weight loss process with a private fitness session with your personal trainer.

Why is Fitness important?
We must be active and exercise as well to be mentally and physically fit. You can increase your health and strength by doing regular exercises with fitness and applying a proper meal plan, and also reduce health problems and stress and also.

Fitness is very important because it offers you the mobility you need as an important part of your life, and supports your detox process by making you more active. While strengthening your body and mind with fitness, you can protect your joints, lose weight and reverse health problems such as diabetes.

Benefits of Fitness
Fitness has many proven benefits. The positive effects that Fitness will bring to your health can be listed as follows:

  • Reaching a healthy weight
  • Gaining a balanced nutrition routine
  • Increased muscle and bone strength
  • Having a better shape
  • Reduction of the risk of depression
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduction of the risk of injury
  • Reduction of the risk heart diseases, high blood pressure, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and so on

What is Trampoline exercise?
Trampoline is an equipment which provides effective elasticity and allows you to exercise with specific basic bounce and light movements.

Once you bounce on the trampoline, your body spends its efforts positively on balancing itself, and when you step back on it, you feel the gravity stronger than normal. Trampoline exercise offers a combination of health and fitness with fun and simple movements.

Benefits of Trampoline Exercise
Trampoline therapy can make your detox and weight loss process more fun and has many proven benefits, including:

  • Balance and flexibility
  • Improvement of respiratory
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Fat Burning effect
  • Supporting lymph flow
  • Supporting the cardiovascular system

What is Redcord (Neuroc) Technique?
Neurac (neuromuscular activation) is a therapeutic exercise in Redcord slings developed by Norwegian physiotherapists in the early 1990s. Body weight and belt use are the basis of this therapy. Redcord therapies are used by people and athletes all over the world for reasons such as rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance improvement.

Redcord aims to detect the symptoms of pain or immobility in the body, relieve the overloaded tense muscles, return the muscles their to normal and painless functions and increase the control power of the person’s movements by using elastic cords. Redcord Therapy focuses on the problems that cause the negative interactions between muscles.

How is Suspension Based Physical Therapy be performed with Redcord?
Redcord therapy begins with detecting weak muscles on the person by scanning the muscles. After defining dysfunctions and imbalances in the muscles, a personalized therapy plan is created.

Once the therapy plan is established, it is performed by the experts through the professional Redcord system with elastic cords and special equipment.

Benefits of Redcord Therapy
Redcord therapy is very beneficial to people who are chronic pain sufferers and who want to reduce different health problems such as:

  • Neck & beck pain
  • Heal & ankle pain
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Loss of balance and gait disturbance
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Joint inflammation, bursitis and tendinitis
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