The LifeCo Testimonials

Martin Experiences Get Fit Programme at The LifeCo

Jesus Martin from Spain, has undergone the 5 day Get Fit Program at The LifeCo Phuket. Aiming to build lean muscle and lose fat, he has achieved his goals in less than 5 days by following a strict and bespoke nutrition and exercise program. He had raw vegan ketogenic meals, intensive training like thai box, aquagym etc. beach walks, food workshops, Dr. consultation, massages, meditation and mindfulness sessions. He aims to join us twice a year.

How CJ Grained Back His Energy?

CJ from Holland is walking us through his 14 days detox experience in which he sought ways of re-setting his entire system to recover after an operation. He completed master detox, green salad and low calorie programs, also joined the informative lectures and food workshops which opened his mind to healthy living. And he says he never realised how much energy you can gain from not eating!

How The LifeCo Diabetes Program Changed Wendy's Life

Wendy from the UK arrived at The LifeCo with numerous conditions that prevented her from living comfortably. She had Type 1 diabetes in one hand, inflammation and water retention on the other hand. After undergoing a complete program, she had lost 12 kg and she has started walking and moving much more easily.

Deborah Explains Why Detox is Necessary

Deborah states that the body has the ability to heal and always wants to get well. So we can support that by doing detox so the body does not spend much time on digestion but healing. During the detox people are supported with high-fiber foods and multivitamins so they do not feel hungry. And they are monitored up by experts at all times together with a medical team, so they feel safe doing this in a natural and secure environment.

Resetting Detox Experience of a Lovely Couple

This lovely couple is sharing their thoughts on their life changing detox experience. They say it is also helpful to keep on track after the detox in their daily life by following the advice given in educational support. Technological equipment like Angel of Water machines was advanced for colon cleansing. If you want to be calm or social, it is up to you. It is sunny most of the year. His psoriasis clears up each time. They recommend it twice a year.

Nathan's Cleansing Chronicles

Nathan starts his detox with a 2-day green salad detox, continues with master detox and finishes up with anti aging raw food programme. He found it very delicious and joined food workshops to continue the new lifestyle at home. He says for the juices that they come and find you wherever you are so this is a big luxury because there is no responsibility. They take care of you. Also some mindfulness tools are given to manage the stress of daily life. He definitely recommends this retreat.

Jeannette's Recovery Journey From "Burnout"

Ms.Jeanette reflects on a 14-day cleansing experience at The LifeCo Phuket. She says she was feeling so burned out because of a stressful job that she quit and came to this retreat to be in a supported environment to rest, recover, regain her energy, lose weight and clear her mind. So she focused on resting and healing. She started to sleep better, felt energized, gained knowledge on healthy eating and her skin got smoother. She did not feel hungry a bit during detox so she was able to complete 2 weeks.

Elaine Stopped Using medication with a 21-Day Diabetes Program

Elaine shares her thoughts on her 21-day diabetes program at The LifeCo Phuket. She says on her 16th day she was able to stop using medication, she lost 11 kg, the food was so amazing that she hopes to continue to follow this way forever. She felt no side effects or cravings. So now she has gained tools to keep diabetes from her life as long as she applies them.

Angel Hui Mentions The Significance of Clean Food

Angel Hui compares the clean food at The LifeCo with the life-style in Hong Kong. She mentions how this clean raw vegan food affected her body and even her mind in a positive way, as well by detoxing the cells.

Susan is Feeling Totally Different After Her Detox Experinece

Susan shares her exquisite detox experience. She had immunity and exhaustion problems. She started with green salad detox followed by master detox and anti-aging programs. And she says that now she feels like a totally different woman. Setting is amazing for resting your mind, relaxing your body. Treatments have increased her immunity. She feels fully recharged and rebalanced. Losing a bit of weight was a plus on the side even though that was not an aim. She believes that coming here by far outweighs any other detox center in terms of really getting to the deeper root of healing.

Fred Reflects on Mater Detox

Mr.Fred from Lebanon has completed his 2nd detox experience in The LifeCo Phuket and shares the highlights of his time with us, stating why this could be done by anyone. He says with master detox he lost weight, also felt light and powerful. It is great to come here to relax and take care of yourself, you get the knowledge and information about what you eat. It’s a very nice personal experience and accessible and achievable by anyone.