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Detox Programs With Professional Support

The LifeCo’s wellness programs are specifically designed plans that aim to improve your health and happiness. Through a pleasant and comfortable stay in one of our resorts in Bodrum, Antalya or Phuket and completing a minimum 4-day program of any type will offer you countless proven benefits such as; better functioning digestion, healthier & shinier skin, boosted metabolism & immune, sense of lightness, cleaned gut and many more. In addition to all of these physical benefits, you will be leaving our site with the solid knowledge of “how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle” which is going to be the most essential gain.

At each of our centers, our professional medical team and detox experts will have consultations with our guests to determine the best path for their healing journey. For weight loss, anti-aging or cleansing purposes our guests will receive different treatments and their special conditions will be taken into consideration while deciding for the most optimal program for them.

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The LifeCo Chronic Disease Prevention

Are you aware of your body’s healing power? The LifeCo retreats primary goal is to feed every individual with the awareness of the body’s healing power, given the right conditions. Throughout 10 years of experience and 30.000+ guests healed, we have the privilege of creating the wellness programs –topped with therapies, exercises- that are designed with in-depth research, testing and optimization. Besides our main programs which focus on immune, detoxification, slimming, digestion, as The LifeCo we have developed another set of programs that are focusing on other specific issues as diabetes, weight loss, anti-aging and even more.

Chronic diseases are a result of toxic accumulation and a non-optimised life-style. At The LifeCo, we aim to teach our guests the fundamentals of our body and what it is that has to be done to maintain it’s functioning at the optimum level.

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Proven Benefits

As the benefits of a wellness program in our retreats addresses various needs and disease causes, we promise to provide a wide range of positive results for you to acquire. The expected results can change based on the individual’s medical history, body type and other factors.

  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Toxin Elimination
  • Radiant and Healthier Skin
  • Healthy Weightloss
  • Better Digestion
  • Improved Immune System
  • Relaxed Mental-Being
  • Alkalinity
  • Increased Flexibility

Who Needs To Detox?

Anyone can begin a wellness program no matter their health status. The LifeCo will improve your health and happiness levels through its unprecedented 360° healing approach.

  • Excessive Weight
  • Low Energy
  • High Toxicity
  • Often Sick
  • Depressed
  • Irregular Bowel Movements
  • Skin Problems
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Blood Pressure Problems
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The LifeCo offers different healing programs for every individual.

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Our centers offer the same quality service all over the world.

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The LifeCo offers special programs based on availability and seasonality.

the lifeco chronic disease management

Chronic Disease Management

Our team of experts are dedicated to support and monitor each guest’s progress.

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You can watch our guests as they share their healing experience at The LifeCo Centers.

cancer care programs

Cancer Care

The LifeCo Clinic provides an environment that is necessary for healing the body and the mind.

The LifeCo Bodrum

Single 260 € / Double 440 €

The LifeCo Phuket

Single 350 € / Double 590 €

The LifeCo Antalya

Single 260 € / Double 440 €

The LifeCo Experience

Join Anytime

Apart from special occasions, our programs are available 365 days and you can start any time you wish. Just pick the most convenient time for yourself and join us!

Stay as Long as You Need

We recommend our guests to stay for at least 4 days, however, we had guests stay with us for over 3 months. It’s totally up to your goals, we are here to help you!

Tailored Solutions

Our program coordinators will help you decide the best program based on your needs and lifestyle. The additional therapies will help you reach your goals faster.

Reservation Inquiry

If you would like to make an inquiry, please fill the reservation form. Once you submit the form, we will get in touch with you and inform you about our programs.

You can address your additional questions in the note box. Our reservation team will assist you to pick the right program.

Program Options at The LifeCo Centers

The LifeCo centers offer; six different Detox and Healthy Nutrition Plans that are effective and result-proven. Any program you’ll join at The LifeCo centers will be built with one of these plans and you can always choose to enhance your experience by trying various treatments and supporting therapies, nutritious supplements, physical & spiritual exercises, educational lectures and raw-food workshops.

Program options at The LifeCo centers are available for anyone. The exact program schedule will be determined after the initial consultation with the program coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon arrival, you will receive a detailed presentation from our Detox Program Managers regarding the programs and the therapies. Together by analyzing your health form, the most suitable program will be chosen for you during this presentation. In addition, after the presentation you will be given your hourly schedule until the day of your check-out.

The therapy packages are not included in the detox program. First, you should purchase a Standard Wellness Program which includes your accommodation, meals & nutrition and some daily activities. On top of this, you can purchase need-specific therapies that support your detox experience

Sportswear and swimsuit would be sufficient to wear during your program. (For the daily walks, yoga classes, use of the fitness room, daily pool/sea/infrared sauna/steam room usages etc.)

You can pay by credit card on our websites secure payment system or make a transfer to the relevant bank account.

The LifeCo Bodrum center and Phuket center are not suitable for accommodations without attending the detox program. However, your companion (who must be more over 14 years old) may stay with you apart from the detox program with an additional accommodation charge of 100 €. We cannot accept guests who are 14 or younger at our Bodrum and Phuket centers. However, The LifeCo Antalya has the perfect environment for guests who would like to do a detox program while their families enjoy the comfort of the hotel.

In order to make this decision, we would like you to consult with our doctor. You may call/send a detailed e-mail regarding your health condition and our doctors will be in touch with you on a shortly.

The holistic approach we offer within our centers do have a quick influence of getting rid of bad habits since you are not exposed to them while undergoing the program. The effects in the long-run are also proven to be working well as evident from our previous guests, who, after completing the program, have reduced or eliminated completely bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and most prominently, poor eating habits.

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Result Oriented Approach of The LifeCo

The LifeCo Antalya offers its guest the ultimate cleansing experience all year around. Located on the Turkish Riviera, The LifeCo Antalya is located inside the prestigious 5- star Akra Hotel. Since it’s opening in 2014 it has hosted thousands of guests from all around Europe.

The weather in Antalya is pleasant even in the harsh European winters and due to direct flight options from a host of destinations, it is very easy for health lovers to visit. The service level of the 5-star hotel and the comfort of rooms with great views of the Mediterranean Sea The LifeCo Antalya is especially suitable for frequent travelers.

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Jakuzi in The LifeCo Antalya

Detox Retreat and Healthy Nutrition Program in Turkey

During your program, one needs privacy and The LifeCo provides this with its isolated 2500 square meter facilities, spa, yoga and massage areas. The Gym facilities of The LifeCo Antalya are equipped with the most modern equipment and the skilled trainers will guide you through your exercise routine to complement your detox process.

Sometimes you do not want to travel alone. The LifeCo Antalya makes it possible for families to accompany you, while you attend the program individually your children and spouse may enjoy the facilities of the hotel. The center is also very suitable for people needing a reset from the business environment without fully giving up on work. The meeting rooms and comfortable offices provided with high-speed internet access make it easy to stay in control of your business while giving your body the rest it deserves.

Reservation Inquiry

If you would like to make an inquiry, please fill the reservation form. Once you submit the form, we will get in touch with you and inform you about our programs.

You can address your additional questions in the note box. Our reservation team will assist you to pick the right program.