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Green Salad Detox Program

Discover the Power of Dark Leafy Greens

Ideal for cleansing your body, boosting metabolism, and managing hunger.

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Ultimate Renewal with Green Salad Detox Program

The Green Salad Detox program includes raw vegetable and fruit juices, salads of dark green leaves and sprouts with a high amount of chlorophyll, vitamins and antioxidants.

These therapeutic properties will help increase the oxygen content of your blood, help you lose excess weight, relax your digestive system, boost your immune system and enhance your overall health.

Green Salad program involves chewing as it includes salads along with juices. That’s why it is an excellent alternative to a liquid-based diet. You can follow Green Salad Detox program 1-3 days before and after a Master Detox Program as a pre and post-detox diet.

Kick-Start the Detoxification Process

You will receive a rich amount of nitrates, chlorophyll and folate from green detox juices and salads you will consume during green salad detox.

All these nutrients will kick-start toxin elimination, effective detoxification in your blood and liver. All of these will accelerate weight loss.

Moreover, you will eliminate complications that come from folate deficiency such as fatigue, headaches and digestive problems.

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Benefits of the Green Salad Detox

Helps You With The Weight Loss

Low-calorie leafy greens do not contain any fat or cholesterol. Still, they have high water content, vitamins, minerals, and nitrites, which help your body burn fat cells and lose excess weight.

Improves Nutrient Absorption

Absorbing nutrients properly is very important for your optimal health. Eating raw green salad can enhance nutrient absorption. During green salad detox, you will begin the notice the positive change in your overall well-being.

Increases Folate Levels

Folate deficiency can be seen commonly due to inadequate and unhealthy eating habits. Green salad sand juices prepared with spinach and lettuce carry high folate and can increase your folate levels.

Boosts The Enzymes

Your body needs enzymes for your metabolism to be triggered and to break down fats along with carbohydrates. Dark, leafy greens carry rich enzymes to support your digestive health and boost your body’s digestive process.

Lowers Cholesterol

Dark green and raw vegetables do not contain cholesterol as animal source foods do. Green Salad Detox will lower your cholesterol levels and prevent complications in your body due to high cholesterol.

Cleanses The Liver

High amounts of chlorophyll in the dark, leafy greens triggers the liver to eliminate toxins and prevents liver diseases. Once your liver is activated, it helps to cleanse of colon and detoxification the body.

Prevents Glucose Imbalances

Vegetables such as kale and spinach carry a good amount of fiber. Green Salad Detox helps your body metabolise slowly and plays an essential role in preventing sudden increases in your blood sugar levels.

Improves Skin Glow

Dark leafy greens indeed make your skin glow! Do you want to know how? The answer is simple! Because of the anti-aging effect and toxin elimination, your skin can gain its natural shine back naturally.

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Daily schedule is subject to change depending on the center and season.

Learn More About Our Program

You can make an inquiry by filling the reservation form. Once you fill the form our team will get in touch with you to inform you about our programs.

FAQ about Green Salad Detox Program

This diet plan is suitable for almost everyone except for those under 16, went through surgery, pregnant women, nursing women and people with Type 1 diabetes.

During the program you will be monitored daily by our medical staff as well as detox experts. Every day your blood sugar and blood pressure will be measured, and you will be able to schedule a consultation with our doctor about any special requests.

We advise 4 days as minimum to get the best results and you can also continue for up to 7 days and more.

The Green Salad Detox program can also be followed 1-3 days before and after a Master Detox Program as a pre and post detox diet.

TheLifeCo is considered the most result-oriented facility among its competitors and constantly evolves based on your feedback and medical developments. TheLifeCo centers, TheLifeCo Bodrum, Antalya and Phuket, have clinical licenses and medical doctors on-site.