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A New Recipe for Life

The LifeCo is the first and only well-being/well-ageing, healthcare and disease prevention/support centre in Turkey and a rare example in the world, addressing the growing needs of people trying to prevent and cope with modern lifestyle diseases.

The LifeCo provides a 360° holistic approach that includes anti-ageing and well-being therapies, preventative treatments for chronic diseases and cancer, pampering and beauty treatments, as well as spiritual therapies, all in the same complex.  

The company has:

  • Three Well-being Centres: TheLifeCo Phuket , Bodrum, Antalya, 
  • A Product Kitchen in Istanbul that prepares and distributes Saf Box and Saf Express products, and  also supports the development of dietary programs at the Well-being Centres.
  • A Product Kitchen in London that prepares and distributes Saf Express products in London.
  • Healthy living products that are imported and distributed across Turkey, and The LifeCo-branded Food Supplements produced at the DUAG center in Izmir.