Spread Your Wings and Detox Away

The LifeCo Aircrew Wellness Program

Cleanse the toxin buildup and boost your health

Being an aircrew member is ranked as one of the most stressful occupations. Hectic schedules, long flights under high altitudes, and cabin air contamination are all occupational conditions that lead to an increase in mental and physical stress and eventually results in the collapse of the immunity system. In some cases, inhaling contaminated cabin air can increase the risk of developing “Aerotoxic Syndrome.”

At The LifeCo, we have developed an Aircrew Wellness Program, exclusively for aircrew members and frequent travelers, who are exposed to those health-threatening conditions. Our program is tailor-made to cleanse your mental and physical state, as well as boost your immunity system. This program follows holistic methods that integrate a comprehensive detoxification process and a balanced healthy diet, with natural supportive therapies – for a healthier you!

With The LifeCo Aircrew Wellness Program, you will be able to follow a healthier lifestyle while liberating your body from accumulated toxins… and still enjoy flying as much as you like!

The LifeCo Aircrew Wellness Program

The LifeCo Aircrew Wellness Program is exclusively designed detox program for aircrews who want to physically and mentally cleanse and boost their immune system. Over the past fifteen years, The LifeCo has hosted hundreds of aircrew, in that time we began to notice a pattern in the health complaints that many had, after further research and countless face to face interviews we are launching the World’s first aviation-focused detox program in 2020. Our program consists of 3 parts featuring the most up to date methods and devices that maximize detox while introducing nutritional training and exercises that are focused on physical and mental health, and boosting the immune system.

Raising Awareness

Awareness of the occupational health hazards of life in the skies is the first step to our healing process.  We are now able to offer solutions to resolve them with some simple health tips; our Aircrew Wellness Program provides the tools for long term wellbeing on the ground… and at 30,000 feet high.

The constant exposure to contaminated cabin air over prolonged periods of time builds up a variety of harmful toxins in your body; our program aims to extract those toxins through the application of proven therapies and protocols. The benefits of our program will be felt almost immediately as they have been carefully selected as the optimal solutions for aircrew related wellbeing concerns.

The LifeCo Experience

The LifeCo is a leading expert with over 15 years of experience in the field of detox and wellbeing, we have been at the forefront of innovative solutions to ailments associated with living in the modern world that is filled with toxins and stress accumulating environments. Using data from AME reports, we have identified issues that can be addressed by our proven therapies to bring relief and long-term health benefits to the flight crew.

One or more of these indications could mean that your body is signaling that it is high time for a detox.

The LifeCo Phuket 7-Day Package

Accommodation Included
฿ 100
  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Immune Cocktail Vitamin C x 2
  • ALA & B Complex IV x 2
  • Ozone Therapy IV x 2
  • BEMER Therapy x 14
  • Electro Lymphatic Therapy x 2
  • Colon Hydrotherapy x 1
  • Thai Medical Massage x 2

The LifeCo Bodrum 7-Day Package​

Accommodation Included
  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Immune Cocktail Vitamin C x 2
  • Anti-Fatigue Protocol x 1
  • Liver Support Protocol x 1
  • Ozone Therapy IV x 2
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy x 2
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy x 2
  • Thai Massage x 2
  • Colon Hydrotherapy x 1
  • Wheatgrass & Probiotic Enema x 1

The LifeCo Antalya 7-Day Package

Accommodation Included
  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Immune Cocktail Vitamin C x 2
  • Anti-Fatigue Protocol x 1
  • Laser Light Therapy x 2
  • Ozone Therapy IV x 2
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy x 2
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy x 2
  • Thai Massage x 2
  • Colon Hydrotherapy x 1
  • Wheatgrass & Probiotic Enema x 1

What is Included in the Package

  • Accommodation
  • Detox / Healthy Nutrition Program
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Nutrition and Diet Counseling
  • Nutrition and Diet Workshops
  • SPA, Fitness & Swimming Pool
  • Biophoton Therapy
  • Turbosonic Vibration Therapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Daily Steam Room Use
  • Daily Oxygen Therapy
  • Daily Colon Cleansing

Treatment and Services Explained

If you feel tired, reluctant and sluggish in spite of getting enough sleep and rest, then the Anti-Fatigue Protocol is for you.

If you often wake up tired, feeling impatient and have low motivation in the mornings, and have poor quality sleep at night, this protocol can help you break through this vicious circle.

Immune Cocktail provides a high dose of vitamin C (25 gr) which is known to be a powerful antioxidant that: accelerates the healing process, supports collagen production, boost immune system, improves energy and reduces stress.

Alpha Lipoic Acid can help the body recycle Vitamin C, making your daily infusion even more effective! ALA also acts as a potent anti-inflammatory by blocking the NFkB molecule. ALA uses B vitamins during this vitamin recycling, Vitamin B complex is also provided to fuel the many ALA processes.

Ozone is a naturally occurring compound made up of three oxygen atoms, commonly notated as O3.

Major Auto Hemo Therapy (MAHT) is the most common and in most cases the most effective way ozone is administered.

As the blood is inundated with oxygen and ozone, it creates an aerobic environment in which cells with anaerobic metabolisms cannot thrive, including bacteria and fungi.

Electro lymphatic therapy is a powerful system designed to bring nutrients in and waste out. It aids in cellular repair, and removes toxic material quickly and efficiently from your body. It stimulates the flow and drainage of our lymphatic system, known as the “waste system”.

As it cleans the lymphatic system, it improves the blood circulation, boosts the immune system (white blood cells reside in the lymph nodes), improves skin regeneration, accelerates wound healing, increases the energy and has a positive effect on the over wellbeing.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy focuses on head, neck and joint pain and stiffness and relaxes all muscles, bones and tissues. It is used as a medical treatment to relieve pain in many countries around the world. This therapy offers very promising results; it is more effective than manual massages since it penetrates deeper down into the tissues.

The Laser Light Therapy is for reviving immunity, energy, and mood by applying blue-green-red light to the vascular pathways for 15 minutes each. This therapy stimulates the ATP cells in the blood with these different coloured lights. In burnout situations, quick results can be achieved by combining with Anti-Fatigue Protocol.

Thai massage works on the theory of intrinsic energy flow and energy balance to promote better health and healing processes. This massage concentrates on the careful application of pressure to distribute energy, stretch the muscles, leaving the body relaxed, energetic and free from stiffness.

Did you know veins and arteries only make up 30% of your circulation system? The BEMER Therapy mat uses electric pulses to stimulate your remaining 70% of ‘microcirculation’ which is normally sluggish, allowing vitamins and minerals to penetrate every cell!

By increasing micro-and-macro circulation, oxygen is redirected through the smallest, largest, and even through closed blood vessels, promoting cell regeneration and optimal cell function and your body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

Colon hydrotherapy is the delicate washing of the colon with warm water, to expel encrusted fecal residue, gas and mucous plagues. This enables essential nutrients to be retained all the more effortlessly and abandons you feeling revived and lighter. Colonics can also help your colon heal itself back to its original form.

Colon hydrotherapy involves the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the anus. There are absolutely no drugs or chemicals used during the procedure. A healthy gut flora is essential for optimal health. This important organ is usually overseen during our daily lives. When the colons fail to perform its duties, the body starts to function at a much lower efficiency resulting in chronic diseases.

Benefits of Attending Our Program

Holistic Approach

Our approach is based on 4 main pillars necessary for a healthier lifestyle and increased longevity:

We offer detoxification by nutritiously balanced meals and juices at all programs. Our detox program has won “The Best Detox Program” award in 2018.

Through physical activities, we aim to stimulate the lymphatic system and hormones that contribute to happiness and mood.

We provide skill training for mindfulness and mental health with activities such as yoga, meditation, sound healing, where the mind is rejuvenated.

The LifeCo premises are integrated into nature and designed to be calming that helps the individual to focus more on his/her healing.

Aircrew Wellness Program FAQ

Everyone needs to detox regularly in order to have a healthy life. As we go about our daily routines, we absorb toxins from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the drinks we drink, to the air we breathe. Aircrews, in particular, operate in a totally artificial environment, where toxic buildup is much greater than in ordinary life.

It is therefore very necessary that aircrew undergo a regular targeted detox program to mitigate the effects of this toxic buildup.

There is no definitive number of flight hours, after which you should ideally follow to undergo a detox. But there are many signs and symptoms that indicate it is time for a total cleanse. If you feel chronically fatigued, if you have aches and pains which you can’t get rid of, or if you have constipation or skin issues, such as puffy eyes, irritation, rashes, sudden weight gain, frequent cold & flu, and weak immunity, then it is time to detox.

During the detox process, you will arrive at our center and have a consultation with our expert Doctor, who will advise on the types and number of therapies recommended for you. You may have some other health concerns, which could mean that some therapies are not suitable for you in particular. The Doctor or the Program Wellness Consultant will clarify each therapy.

There are various therapies that have been selected for our Aircrew Program that target the Air Crews’ concerns. One of our highest recommendations during this detox program would be the liver protocol, which aims to flush the liver of toxins that have accumulated in the fatty tissues over several years.

During the interview with our doctor, he will be able to answer any questions related to the therapies and why these therapies are being used. But rest assured they have been chosen because they are the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of toxic buildup in active aircrew.

This varies from one condition to another and the frequency of exposure to toxic environments. For professionals who are frequent flyers, we would recommend every 6 months – with a minimum of once per year.

You can detox anywhere, and this can also be very useful.  However, sometimes it is important to opt for a deeper detox, which is achieved by applying specific protocols from a professional detox center. The importance of detoxing at home for health cannot be underestimated, nevertheless.

Any detox combined with calorie restriction and a whole-food plant-rich diet has beneficial effects on your cholesterol and blood pressure. The effect on blood pressure is more rapid, while the reduction in cholesterol levels may require more time.

You will decide which medications to stop or to continue after your consultation with our doctor at the center.

During the detox process, you will have a number of educational sessions. In our educational sessions, our doctors and other experts will provide you with tools and ways to prevent toxic buildup and will offer lifestyle tips that can be applied during your frequent layovers. Educational content is a very crucial part of maintaining the benefits of the detox program.

Exercise in accordance with your fitness level will undoubtedly speed up the detox. Also, studies have shown that people regularly exercising live longer and healthier.

The IV treatments for our aircrew focused detox program were carefully selected to target flying related concerns and are effective in delivering required nutrients to your immune system, cleaning your body at the cellular level, and increasing overall energy levels.

While you are on the detox program, the habit of smoking decreases by itself. Smoking is not recommended during your detox program, and smoking is not allowed in the rooms and anywhere on the premises, except for the designated smoking area.

The health benefits of detox and fasting are there for everyone to see. And during aircrew focused detox program, our experts will be explaining all the advantages to you. Needless to assure you that you will feel lighter, refreshed, rejuvenated, stronger, and be in a positive mood. What else would you ask for!

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