Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy at TheLifeCo Phuket

At TheLifeCo Phuket, we have been successfully using stem cell therapy to treat many afflictions and injuries by focusing on supporting individual’s ability to reactivate sleeping stem cells.

Therapeutic Fasting

Ultimate Detoxification

Soothing Environment

Stronger Immune System

Healthy Weight Loss

Well-Aging and Regeneration

At TheLifeCo Phuket, we have been successfully using stem cell therapy to treat many afflictions and injuries by focusing on supporting individual’s ability to reactivate sleeping stem cells.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

This safe, natural and effective therapy brings many benefits, including;

Potential Indication for Stem Cell Therapy


Why You Should Have Stem Cell Therapy at TheLifeCo Phuket?

When you have inflammation in the body, it can eventually damage healthy cells, tissues, and organs. Your body starts using its energy to deal with the inflammation instead of using it to heal and renew itself.

Joining a detox program at TheLifeCo Phuket supports your body’s natural healing ability, eliminates toxins and reduces inflammation from the body. This way, rejuvenating effects of stem cell therapy can be more effective in a toxin and inflammation-free environment.

The LifeCo Phuket View with a Guest

TheLifeCo Phuket

TheLifeCo provides a perfect synergy between detox and healthy nutrition programs and supportive therapies; all are intended to allow individuals to discover their true wellness potential.

To experience the wonders of stem cell treatment, reach our team to make an appointment and have more information.


พวกเรายินดีคอยให้คำแนะนำคุณตลอดทั้งโปรแกรม ติดต่อเพื่อสอบถามเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับโปรแกรมของเราได้!

Healing Atmosphere

TheLifeCo Phuket is located in the peaceful and relaxing Naithon area.

Medical Supervision

Our team of doctors and program coordinators will be by your side during your stay.

Natural Treatments

We combine Western and Chinese medicine with the natural treatments that we offer.

Tropical Paradise

You can spend time at the beach, explore fantastic nature and the rest of Phuket!

Award-Winning Methods

Our significant detox program, master cleanse has been awarded various international awards.

Physical Activities

You can enjoy Tai Chi, Thai Box, fitness and different physical activities during your stay.

Courses & Trainings

Learn how to eat, think and live healthy through our daily/weekly on-site courses.

Professional Support

Our experienced wellness team and program coordinators will assist you during your program.

Full Body Analysis

We can identify your body mass index (BMI) to compare it at the end of your program.

Mindfulness Support

Mindfulness activities such as yoga, meditation and sound healing therapy will help you become mindful.

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‘‘I am grateful that I have another chance in life.’’

‘‘I couldn’t walk when I came to TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center, but now my pain was diminishing. I feel amazing. From going to not walking and not functional, I feel like I am back in life again. ’’

TheLifeCo Phuket FAQ

TheLifeCo Phuket is one of the best Phuket detox retreat and wellness resort located on the island of Phuket, Thailand.

The easiest way to reach Phuket is to arrive at Phuket International Airport (HKT), the only airport on Phuket Island.

How can I reach TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center after arriving at the airport?

If you want a private airport transfer, we can organize it from and to Phuket International Airport. VIP Minibus 800 THB / 20 € per way for max four people. If you book a private airport transfer with us, we will guide you through the meeting process and ensure you have your transport smoothly.

Can I rent transport for day trips?

Sure you can! We will give you the necessary information once you are at TheLifeCo Phuket. Don’t forget to bring your international driving license for renting a motorcycle and car.

Phuket has a tropical climate and is warm all year long, ranging between 25 – 34°C (77 – 93°F). Phuket’s weather is typically divided into two distinct seasons, dry and rainy, with transitional periods in between. The dry season begins in November and usually lasts until May.

How many rooms do you have? What are the room types?

The LifeCo Phuket has 31 bungalows, three different room types. Standard bungalows (30 m2) with private pools. Suite rooms (60 m2) with semi-private pools. Deluxe Lake View Rooms (35 m2) with semi-private pools.

What is included in the rooms?

In all of our well-being and detox centers, rooms include a TV, safe box, hairdryer, air-condition and free wi-fi service.

Is there a swimming pool or beach nearby?

Yes, we have a swimming pool for you to enjoy! TheLifeCo Phuket is also 5 minutes away from Nai Thon Beach by car.

Do you have a laundry service at TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center?

You can use our laundry service and check the detailed information from the price list in your room.

How far are the beaches from the center?

In only 2 minutes driving distance, there is Naithon beach, where our Beach Bar is also located. Nai Yang beach is also another close beach 10 minutes away from the facility. Within a 15-20 minute driving distance range, there are many other options like Layan Beach, Banana Beach, BangTao beach.

Can my friend and family stay at TheLifeCo Phuket even though they won’t join a program?

TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center’s suite rooms are ideal for families of 2-4 people. Your company is not obliged to attend a detox program. However, they will be charged if they are willing to use the facilities and activities like medical spa, pools, gym, yoga classes, workshops etc.

Can I explore around and have day tours?

You can spend time at the beach, explore fantastic nature and the rest of Phuket during your stay.

Do you accept pets?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept pets to be fair for every guest at TheLifeCo holistic wellness centers.

Is smoking allowed during the program?

Smoking is allowed at TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center. However not recommended during your program. To clean toxins from the body effectively, we advise you not to have anything toxic during your program.

We highly recommend you to have a pre-detox before joining a detox or healthy nutrition program at TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center. We make it easy for you with our pre-detox guide. Our pre-detox guide includes all the necessary information to follow before joining your program at TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center about what to eat, drink and avoid, such as dairy, meat and coffee. This pre-detox information will allow your body to prepare itself to cleanse, renew and rejuvenate on optimum levels and let you have an easy and effective program experience.

Can I still join a program if I didn’t do a pre-detox?

To have easy ‘healing symptoms’ and prepare your body for a rejuvenating experience, it is essential to have a pre-detox. But if you cannot make it by yourself before the program, we can put you on a pre-detox process before starting your actual program with us. This way, you will have the maximum benefits and an easy detox process.

What to wear & pack for activities included in my program?

You can bring anything comfortable for the activities. We advise you to bring trainers, shorts, sun cream, and a raincoat(depending on the season) to relax while moving!

Should I book extra services I want to have before I come?

You can book extra services you prefer, both before or after your arrival at TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center. To not miss having any of the services due to reasons such as having no place left, we recommend booking extra services while booking your accommodation.

Our award-winning program, Master Detox program, an alkalizing juice detox program, Green Juice Detox program, a combination of juicing and chewing, Green Salad program and one of the most therapeutic programs, Water Fasting program, provide effective detoxification and can always be combined with our healthy nutrition programs.

What is the ideal program length for effective detoxification?

If you have a pre-detox, a 4 to 7 days program at TheLifeCo Phuket can provide effective detoxification to your body and mind. This way, you can trigger your body’s natural detox and healing power, as well as lose edema, weight and calories. Still, you can choose your dates based on your availability and needs, longer or shorter.

How can I decide on my program?

We are here to guide you through the best program, personalized for your needs. When you arrive at TheLifeCo Phuket, you will consult with our doctor and meet with your program coordinator to give the necessary information about yourself, your current health, and your health goals.

With the information that you will give, and the examination we will do, we will personalize your program to help you improve your physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. We offer detox, healthy nutrition, therapeutic fasting, and chronic disease support/prevention programs at our centers.

Can I continue using my regular medications during the program?

Please send detailed information and prescription of medications to us. This way, our doctor can give you the correct information about medication usage.



TheLifeCo Phuket holistic wellness center offers a unique combination of holistic health services and spa treatments, including juice fasting, traditional Thai medicine, detoxification programs, yoga, meditation, and more. You can also find a variety of fitness classes, including Pilates, spinning, kickboxing, and personal training at our holistic wellness center.

How to Confirm Your Reservation?

We kindly ask you to fill the reservation and guest health forms and re-send them to us. After receiving the pre-payment (the amount of %50) your reservation will be confirmed via e-mail.

How to Make Payment?

You can pay with an online payment link and/or credit card, you may also make a bank transfer to our bank account.

What are the Check-in and Check-Out Policies?

Our reception is open 24 hours a day. Our check-in time is 2.00 pm and check-out is 11.00 am. But we will do our best to provide flexibility depending on the availability of the rooms on that specific day.

If I don’t join the activities that are included within the standard package, can I have therapies instead?

Unfortunately, we can not replace the extra therapies with the activities that are already included within the package.

What are the Cancellation and Date Change Regulations?

  • Cancellations or date changes requested 14 days before the commencement of the program incur no charge.
  • Cancellations or date changes between 7 and 13 days before the commencement of the program incur a penalty of %50 of the total deposited amount. 
  • Cancellations less than 7 days before the commencement of the program incur a penalty of the full charge of the total deposited amount.
  • In the case of a no show, a penalty of the full charge of the total deposited amount will be applied. 
  • In case of an Early Check out, a full charge of the total program price will be collected.