Our Story

The LifeCo is an organization that introduced healthy lifestyle and detox culture.

In our centers we provide services like; well-being / well-aging, support for healthy living and besides that we offer disease prevention applications.

Since 2005, we have been striving to enlight our guests about how to live healthier, how to protect themselves from the stress and toxic burdens of everyday life and to provide them with products and services that enable them to recover from these effects. Over the years, we have had a lot of experience in health and we are involved in many pieces of research and studies. One of the most important experiences we have that body, soul and mind are a whole of our health and that we should learn to protect our health without losing this triple balance; it is the most valuable job we can do for ourselves, our family and our relatives.

As The LifeCo, we have worked to gain your trust in this matter; we have made investments and continue to do so. Today, we are with three wellbeing & detox centers in Bodrum, Antalya and Phuket. In SAF kitchen in Istanbul we develop raw vegan snacks, SAF BOX’s and various nutrition programs and present them to our guests. We produce the most suitable herbal ingredients for our food supplements at our food production facility in Izmir. All ingredients collected from the various regions of Anatolia forms our effective formulations.

All of these efforts, of course, are as valuable as you can reach them. With our Info Magazine, which we prepared for this purpose, we aim to contribute content that you can read with pleasure and thus contribute to our goal with small touches. We love this magazine, I hope you like it too.