The LifeCo Philosophy and Approach for a Better Life

We believe that there are 4 main pillars necessary for a healthier lifestyle and increased longevity:

  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Flexibility
  • Natural Therapies

Healthy Nutrition
The foundation of all chronic diseases (which cause around 65% of all deaths on Earth) is accumulation of toxins in the body. This can occur through various ways such as air pollution, water pollution, stress and most importantly through food. At The LifeCo we aim to address this issue by reducing the amount of toxin intake and putting the individuals through an intense detox process. During this our guests take all of the necessary daily nutrition in forms of shakes and herbs. Especially during the master detox program, our guests consume no solid foods and this gives them a chance to rest their digestion, so that the energy required to digest food (around 40% of our metabolism works to digest food) can be used for cleansing / rejuvenation purposes.

Nowadays with all the information surrounding the web, people get very mixed signals about how to live a proper lifestyle. At The LifeCo we believe in high nutrition, low calorie meal plans and natural therapies to give the body a kick start towards healing itself. Whatever method is used, it is essential for an individual to change the current environment. Our daily lifestyle and routines are very difficult to change without a change of environment and all of The LifeCo Centers are designed to be very suitable for a healing journey. The staff and medical team will be at your disposal during your detox retreat and we can assure you it will be very easy to transition into a healthier lifestyle after you return home from such a perfect experience.

You may want to lose weight, look younger, detoxify or just relax… Whatever it is you require there are 2 things you have to remember. Nothing can stop you from drinking water and no one can stop you from taking a walk. This may seem like a very easy tip but it is a MUST to move in order for our lymphatics system to work effectively. Our lymphatics system is in charge of moving fluids around our body and this job involves carrying the toxic load out of the body as well. Unfortunately this system has no heart like the circulatory system so it requires us to move. At The LifeCo, you will be provided with 2 yoga and meditation classes everyday, where you level will not matter. You are also welcome to get massages and other physical treatments as well to get your lymphatics system moving.

Natural Therapies
Most of the essential elements that we depend on as human-beings are either getting depleted or we fail to get the right nutrition. Especially during healing process and to reduce the burden on our exhausted organs such as the liver, pancreas, colons etc.. it is essential to apply natural treatments. Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other holistic, integrative approaches are applied at The LifeCo centers by our professional medical team of doctors and nurses. Our IV Protocols, designed to address specific issues, such as brain protocols, liver protocols, anti-fatigue protocols, anti-aging protocols and immune cocktails are applied to enhance the positive effects of the detox programs and to get immense anti-aging effects.

We believe people should have the resources to live a healthier lifestyle, with options that can be integrated into their current way of life. By providing tools to individuals interested in improving their well-being, The LifeCo aims to become the resource of choice for better living.

Health can’t be defined simply as absence of disease
We may experience different degrees of health in our lifetime from needing hospital care, to being unwell but able to maintain a normal life, to being as fit as an athlete. These different levels of well-being can be illustrated on a scale from 0 to 100 and where we are on this scale is influenced by the lifestyle choices we make. The LifeCo strives to increase your point on this scale to a healthier level by helping you improve your choices of the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe and the exercise you do. Remember, having a symptom such as headache, nausea, constant fatigue or in worse cases diabetes, heart attack, cancer is a result of a long unchecked accumulation of toxins. Being at point 10 on the scale means you probably suffer from cancer or morbid obesity but being at point 70 doesn’t mean you are as fit and healthy as you could be. We are not healthy because we are not sick. Comparing health to absence of disease is like calling light “absence of darkness”

The 75-25 rule
It can not be expected from anyone to live a 100% optimum lifestyle. We believe a balanced way to work towards optimal health is to follow the 75-25 rule, where you include healthier options in your life at least 75% of the time, and maintain your normal standard of living the other 25%. By following this rule, you will sense a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel and your overall well-being without having to completely compromise your current lifestyle. You can start by 60-40 and work towards 80 – 20. At The LifeCo we will provide you the necessary toolset and mindset to make it possible.