The LifeCo Retreats

This summer, we have various retreats and visiting therapies at The LifeCo Phuket for you to create a harmonious relationship with your body, mind and soul. Join us for a mindful summer!

Explore simple skills and practices for life with Gabe

Visiting Therapist, 5-12 July With Gabe, you will learn establish one desired habit and eliminate a negative one. This retreat is very active based (journaling, small group interaction, mental and simple physical routine for optimal behavior changes). From smoking to overeating, from chronic stress to shallow sleep, you will be empowered to have confidence and abilities

Restore the energy balance in your body with Kyomei method

Visiting Therapist, Masako will be at The LifeCo Phuket between Oct 21 – Nov 02 for Kyomei sessions. Kyomei is a treatment originating in Japan using titanium sticks to improve the flow of Qi to balance your energy.

Inner Joy & Wellness Retreat

Dec 4th – 10th Tenzin Josh, Susanna Eduini, Renata Citrons The LifeCo Phuket will be hosting a retreat led by the world class experts in mental health, physical balance and nutrition. The essence of this retreat is to leave your everyday life but more importantly your everyday mind behind to enable the fast track learning