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The LifeCo. wellbeing centers involve a whole set of detox, cleansing, spa, and wellness programs as well as healthy living products presented within these centers. Established for our guests to enable them to live a more energetic, fit and quality life, who seek to adapt the 360 degree health approach to their lives or for those who already adopted one. For our esteemed guests, who choose to come to The LifeCo. centers, we invite you to explore our alternative therapy package programs that are sure to make your experience in our centers more efficient. The therapy package programs are designed in various combinations according to your preference. Additionally, there are many alternatives besides detox and nutrition programs such as anti-aging, de-stressing, and weight loss programs for a minimum of 1 day and up to 21 days, with or without accommodation.

  • Therapy Packages

    Therapy Packages

    Detox retreats, cleansing, anti-aging, healthy nutrition therapy programs, whether intense or basic; applied to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body caused by the busy schedule of modern life, stress, intense worktimes, environmental toxins, irregular and bad eating habits.

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  • Supporting Therapies

    Supporting Therapies

    Supportive therapies to be offered as additive programs to the healthy diet and detox programs in the LifeCo Well­-Being Centers or as single programs for our guests who have already adopted a sustainable healthy life.

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  • Well Aging Therapies

    Well Aging Therapies

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  • Health Protocols

    Health Protocols

    Protocols to be prepared in order to eliminate the destruction caused by such conditions as irregular eating habits, hard working pace, aging over time, via enhancing the functioning of visceral organs.

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  • Flexibility & Mind

    Flexibility & Mind

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  • Natural Healing Programs

    Natural Healing Programs

    Programs to help strengthen the immune system and eliminate the health issues due to external factors in our life cycle. It is to be applied for at least 7 days.

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  • Exercise Therapies

    Exercise Therapies

    Therapies to support physical vitality and quality of life along with the general therapy, detox, and health protocols.

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  • Emotional Therapies

    Emotional Therapies

    Therapies that offer emotional and mental relaxation and cleansing, as well as physical detoxification. Both are indispensable parts of the 360 degree health approach.

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  • Diagnostic tests

    Diagnostic tests

    Therapies are carried out per the results of tests applied with medical tools and medical analysis to figure out the problems that our guests have been encountering due to unhealthy living or genetic factors.

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