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9 Food Items to Boost Your Immunity

The immune system consists of a system of all the biological structures and processes that protect an organism against most of the diseases. Immune system is like a defence system for the body of the organism; it detects the presence of a wide variety of agents and acts as a shield.

Probable reason for a weak immune system:
Our immunity system ensures that we stay healthy and protected. If a person falls sick very often, then that implies his/her immunity system is weak and thus a boost is required. Most of the people around us catch cold and flu easily as the season changes pertaining to the weak immune system.

One of the major reasons for a weak immune system can be dehydration. Yes, our body needs to flush out the toxins at regular intervals and fluids are needed to do that, failing to do that will lead to sickness. So in order to strengthen the immune system, plenty of water should be consumed. Now, here also some of us do fail to understand that tea and coffee are not the fluids that body requires for hydration. In fact, research shows that coffee acts as a dehydrating agent and thus, more water should be drunk in the day if we are having coffee. Yes, you can always go for fresh juices and squeeze a lemon in regular water, if you don’t want to drink the plain water.

How can you know if your immune system requires a boost?
There can be a few indicators through which the body tells the mind about its need. For instance: if a person leads an unhealthy lifestyle; smokes and drinks alcohol (which is a dehydrating agent as well), then it obviously needs to stop with immediate effect. Other signs can be overweight, drinking impure water or being careless about personal hygiene, stress, etc.

If you fall sick every now and then, and always end up with a runny nose or fever, then you need to pay heed to your immunity system. The food that we consume and the surroundings that we reside in play a significant role in deducing the condition of our immunity system.

How can you boost your immunity system?
You can have a stronger immunity system by making these 9 food items a part of your diet:

Flax Seeds: Flax seeds, which are popular for being the best plant-based source of Omega 3, can also strengthen your immunity by acting as anti-oxidant and reducing damage created by free-radicles. A study showed that children who consumed a spoonful of flax seed oil daily got less respiratory infections compared to their peers who did not.

Coconut: Coconut is very good to increase metabolism which opens the door to weight loss. Researches have shown that coconut oil has lauric acid which converts to monolaurin when it comes in contact with your saliva. This is very useful to enhance immunity as even the breast milk that is fed to the babies has monolaurin.

Sweet Potato: To build a shield against viruses and bacteria, a food rich in vitamin A, i.e. Sweet Potatoes should be included in our diet. As our skin is the first tissue that comes in contact with the air around us which contains the impurities, a food that keeps the skin protected is essential. Sweet Potatoes keep our skin healthy and strong. You can make yummy raw vegan noodles out of young sweet potato.

Mushroom: Mushrooms can boost the immune system as they contain protein, fibre, vitamin B and C, calcium, and minerals. They also enhance the production of white blood cells which helps to protect the body against infections.

Tea (Black, Green, Tulsi): Black Tea and Green Tea contain amino acid that is majorly responsible for boosting immunity system. This can help to fight against viruses. Green Tea is more beneficial as compared to antioxidant vitamins C and E. Tulsi Tea comes from basil herb which is often used as Ayurvedic medicine and has many health benefits.

Blueberries: Helpful to prevent a lot of diseases from cancer to health ailments, blueberries are rich in nutritious value. The antioxidant capacity is higher in blueberries compared to the other fruits. Their sugar content is lesser too, thus, they can boost immune system to a great extent.

Cloves and Turmeric: Turmeric is known for its medicinal properties and is often applied on wounds to heal faster. It can act as an anticancer agent as well due to its high antioxidant content. Cloves too, help to ward off cough and cold. In addition, they are useful in case of toothaches and sore throats.

Cauliflower: High in antioxidant properties, Cauliflower boosts the immunity system and improves the entire body functioning. It also contains choline and glutathione that keep all kinds of illness away and aids in maintaining gastrointestinal health too.

Grapefruit: Rich in vitamin C, Grapefruits are excellent to fight off cold, flu, and other such ailments. It also has the essential nutrients that our body requires to strengthen the immunity system.

Boosting immunity system of our body is highly essential as prevention is always better than cure. So, before we fall ill, we must try to build up that protective shield!

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