A Cure for Type 2 Diabetes

Despite the role of genetic factors, type II diabetes largely remains a life-style related disorder, as reflected by skyrocketing numbers of diabetics worldwide parallel with obesity.

But despite these figures, we have been constantly observing very remarkable effects on blood sugar in type II diabetics who attend our detox programs, to the extent that almost none requires their blood sugar medications during their detox.

In line with our observations, a relatively recent, small, but a very important study, published in 2011 in Diabetologia suggests that type 2 diabetes, long regarded as an inevitably progressive disease with irreversible beta-cell failure, may actually be cured.

This is the good news.The investigators did a very detailed study including the measurements of sugar reducing hormone suppression of hepatic glucose output, hepatic triacylglycerol content, first-phase sugar reducing hormone response, etc. These may sound a little bit detailed, but they are necessary to show that diabetes is actually cured.

After an 8-week low calorie intervention, all these above-mentioned parameters improved so significantly that most of these individuals could no longer be considered diabetic any more (even 8 weeks after the intervention they continued to have normal values).

What about the bad news. Well it depends on your perspective.

These subjects consumed a significantly reduced calorie diet, i.e. 600 kcal/day, for 8 weeks. Tough, isn’t it? Well, when you consider all these years spent with extra-caloric intake (i.e. consumption of more calories than our organism can handle, leading to diabetes) 8 weeks is a much shorter and reasonable duration of time. When you consider the outcome, which is cure, it may be worth trying for most of the type 2 diabetics.

I think, this study provides strong evidence that calorie restriction alone, as they did in this study, may actually cure diabetes, provided that adequate medical supervision is given.

Good news for us too. Strong scientific basis for the beneficial effect of our detox programs on type 2 diabetes.

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