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Discover TheLifeCo’s Formula for Optimal Men’s Health

The eternal quest for youth and longevity has always been in every man’s mind: how to regain the strength and vitality that one possessed that have gotten lost amidst the challenges of modern living. Let us explore some ways to rekindle our tarnished relationship with this fountain of youth through a journey with TheLifeCo.

Going back to nature has always been the philosophy that drives every aspect of our core values here at TheLifeCo. The raw vegan lifestyle, the immersion in the natural environment, the activities that allow us to reconnect with ourselves, and the procedures that support and enhance the functioning of our bodies. All these features rolled into an exhilarating experience can trigger our body to respond positively towards getting ourselves healthier and younger.

How would all this translate into men’s health?

1. Change of scenery as a starting point.

The inability to handle or deal with “stress” has always been linked to several physiological and medical issues. Men are highly susceptible to developing harmful aftereffects of being in a constant state of stress, be it physical, psychological, or emotionally compared to women in general. Hence, issues such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes are usually easier to develop in men. These conditions can further lead to hormonal imbalances, particularly in how cortisol (stress hormone) and testosterone (primary male hormone) levels are utilized, and cortisol balance and testosterone optimization are the focus when determining a general state of wellbeing for men.

Being in an environment as close to nature as possible will offer a less hostile environment than we are accustomed to. This feature alone can diminish the usual triggers associated with the workplace or the home, which are familiar sources of unwanted stressors. A change of scenery is a welcome distraction that can reset cortisol and influence better testosterone balance.

2. Having healthy dietary habits and a consistent exercise regimen.

Maintaining a healthy weight has always been a struggle for most men. Several excuses usually come about when discussions about diet and exercise would arise – not enough time… too much effort… difficulty to maintain… not enough motivation… too lazy… instead doing something else… can’t get the results fast enough… etc… If you are drawn to this topic about men’s health, then it is time to stop the excuses and start doing something about it.

There are no shortcuts nor bargaining when it comes to naturally improving a person’s health and wellness, and the effort needs to be put in motion before results can be achieved. As we age, the capabilities of physiological functions degrade accordingly. If we are complacent, the effects of aging will catch up quickly and our youthful days will be over prematurely. Eating right and exercising correctly would be lessons to be relearned during TheLifeCo experience.

3. Checking hormone levels.

Hormone evaluation is one of the most common ways of looking at men’s health. Knowing where your hormone values would stand will greatly help determine how to optimize men’s health and wellness further. When talking about male hormones, testosterone takes the main spotlight. Still, other supportive parameters can be measured to help us understand if physiological factors may influence how testosterone levels are utilized. The higher the testosterone levels are, the better quality of life men would be able to experience. TheLifeCo would always prioritize natural approaches to deal with the improvement of issues and here are some common natural herbs that are typically associated with men’s health:

Longjack / Tongkat ali – known for its testosterone-boosting capabilities
Ashwagandha – balances cortisol levels which minimizes testosterone decrease
Nettles (Urtica dioica) – help release testosterone which is trapped in the body
Chrysin – stops the conversion of testosterone to estrogen

Once these formulas are put into play, the quest for youth and longevity might not be as far-fetched as everyone would consider. The key is being consistent and persistent. This is where TheLifeCo advocacy comes in, helping men have an excellent jumpstart to help change their lifestyle for the better.


We understand the difficulties men face associated with unhealthy lifestyle habits, occupational stress and life challenges, and we offer ‘time out’ from daily life for you to take care of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.