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Foods That Gives You an Energy Kick (without any guilt)

To all those who rely on a dose of early morning caffeine and midday sugar rush to keep themselves going through the day here is a bad news! Caffeine and sugar may provide an instant energy kick, but later in a day it will become the cause of more tiredness and fatigue than before. So for the next time whenever you’re in need of energy boost, the following are the healthy food items you should definitely go for!

Citrus fruits contain sufficient amount of carbohydrates which are healthy for the body and gives instant energy, but it’s important to consume fresh fruits and not the processed citrus juices because in that form you also get all the essential fibres needed by the body.

Oranges, limes, grapefruits, lemons contain a good amount of vitamin C so including them in your diet will assist in transforming food into energy.

This leafy green is high in the amino acid tyrosine that the body needs to produce neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which both increase energy and alertness.

The body needs Amino acids and acid tyrosine to make neutro-transmitter dopamine and norepinephrine which in result provides energy and attentiveness, and all green leafy foods are rich in that.

Science has proved this that tyrosine enhances responsiveness and academic performance.

Spinach is also among green leafy vegetables and contains sufficient amount of iron.Iron helps the body in oxygen transportation all around, combining it with Vitamin C will help your body in the maximum absorption of iron.”

Cardamom has always been branded as a natural body tonic and stimulant and it’s been used in Indian and chines medicines from centuries for enhancing blood circulation and boosting energy.Get the health benefits and the beautiful aroma of this miracle stick by adding it in your tea.Or you can also add it in your curries for added spice and flavour.

Eggs are enriched with vitamins and minerals and proteins.So if you feel fall in blood sugar after taking sugary foods you must replace these foods with and egg.

Apart from providing energy, this food contains a high amount of Vitamin B in the form of choline which plays a vital role in energy production.Choline is also good for memory, lowers tiredness and helps in building stamina.That’s why you should ditch the morning coffee with a bagel and start taking omelette or fried egg in breakfast.

Almonds are one of those nuts that tempt you in the same way as a chocolate bar, but they have far more benefits than chocolate. brain .Taking almonds in the morning with milk improves brain activities making it sharp and alert because they are filled with Vitamin E and magnesium.

Almond have a lot of protein and healthy fats and also the little quantity of carbohydrate and all these things gives continuous energy to body.medical studies have proved that handful of mixed nuts per day helps in almost 50 percent prevention of heart diseases.

This spice is famous for being a natural stimulant and also considered of giving same effects to the body as caffeine. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients making it the most beneficial when you are feeling extremely exhausted.

Dehydration is one of the main cause of fatigue, so in order to prevent tiredness you must drink enough water. Water is also essential for the kidney to keep them healthy.

Medical researches suggest men to consume 10 cups and woman to consume 8 cups of water every day. In order to make your water intake interesting, you can add chamomile or limes in your water jug.