How to Stick to Your Goals for 2018?

It is that time of again where we all start to reflect on the year and think about what we would like to achieve for the New Year upon us! Many of us often set ourselves a list of unachievable goals that are often forgotten about by the end of January, this is usually down to the fact that they were not planned or deeply thought about but just something everybody does at the start of the year when making our New Year’s resolutions.

Why not dedicate some this year to think about what you really want to accomplish in 2018 – How do you want to feel?  What experiences do you want to have? How would you like to look? What is important to you?

Goals related to health and weight loss are usually quite popular with many people kicking off with a new diet plan or signing up for the gym or even starting a detox as soon as the 1st of January hits.

January is obviously a great time to start a detox as Christmas and the end of the year are usually a time when people over indulge in lots eating, drinking and partying which can often be a strain on their body. So if you haven’t experienced one of The LifeCo’s many specialised detox plans, now might be the perfect time to start 2018 in the healthiest way possible.

Here are 5 tips that will help you create and stick to your goals for 2018!

1. Put pen to Paper
Having something to look at that is visual always helps so put pen to paper and actually write down your goals. If need be post them somewhere like your fridge so you will be forced to look at them every day. As you re-read them daily the words will form a stronger impression in your mind.

Keep a record of your progress and make sure you tick them off the list once they are accomplished. You could even start a journal and write about how you felt once achieving your goals.

2. Create goals for different areas of your life
Okay you might want to get to your goal weight and improve your fitness levels but what about other areas of your life? If you think about all areas of your life and set a few goals for each of them you are bound to see a ripple effect in every area!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Relationship goals

Work goals

Spiritual goals

Health and Fitness goals

Finance goals

3. Measure Up
Make sure each specific goal is measurable in some shape or form, or you will never know once you have achieved it. Your 2018 goals for the year should also include some smaller mini-goals to monitor your progress while getting to your main goal. If your long term goal seems a bit out-of- reach and overwhelming (such as dropping 10 kilos by next year), you can break it down into more short term weekly goals (losing a pound a week). This way you will see progress regularly which will motivate you to keep going and succeed.

4. Get Others Involved
Being around others that empower you and share your goals is such a huge motivator, having support is vital and also makes the journey more fun! If you make a commitment to doing something in order to improve your lifestyle with a close friend, partner, work colleague or even your child you are more likely to stick at it and keep going rather than give-up. So If your goal is to lose weight in the New Year with running, get a friend who also has the same goal and set up running dates in your local park. When someone else is relying on you, you are much more likely to show-up for your workout.

5. Reward Yourself
Sometimes it is tough to stay motivated and we often need a bit of an incentive to keep going – there is nothing wrong with being kind to yourself and giving yourself a little treat for keeping to your diet plan and tough workouts. What about having a pampering day where you show yourself some love with a spa visit, a mani-pedi, a massage or even going shopping for a new pair of jeans to show off your great new figure? To reward yourself each month and give you a bit of added motivation you could buy yourself a new fitness gadget (medicine ball, TRX, FitBit) or a kitchen tool to help prepare all your healthy meals such a Nutribullet. Giving yourself monthly rewards helps you to celebrate your success and at the same time keeps you motivated to stay on track.

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