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Habits That Aggravate the Aging Process Taking Away Your Youthfulness

Many of the problems and issues we face are self-inflicted. Your skin’s aging appearance could be as a result of your daily habits that destroy skin and body cells faster than they are its replaced. Some of these habits include

1. Sleeping with makeup
However tired or burn out you may be, you should never go to bed with makeup on. It is called beauty sleep because it is meant to relax your skin and make you beautiful in the morning.

Skin pores need aeration and breathing for complete rejuvenation. However, sleeping with your make up on doesn’t let your skin breath. Eventually, your cells die and the skin loses its elasticity and luster.

2. Using wrong skin products
Most skin products are made with compounds that rip your skin moisture or that interfere with the skin’s PH. In other cases, you may be using skin products that are wrong for your skin type. There are particular products suitable for each skin type. Therefore, you should ensure that you give your skin the right treatment by first knowing your skin type then buying the right products.

You should also consider natural products like the ayurvedicantiaging serums because they work all round and will give you maximum benefits that you can’t get from other lotions.

3. Taking less water
Your skin needs water for cellular regeneration and hydration. Failure to take water also implies that the shuttling of nutrients and wastes in and or out of the cells is slowed. This leads to faster cellular regeneration. Moreover, collagen production is slowed and your skin looks older with wrinkles and fine lines.

4.  Avoiding natural fruits and vegetables
There are natural oxidative processes in the body that if left un-countered, leads to damage of cells and collagen, the skin loses elasticity and starts drooping. Fresh and natural fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and anti-oxidants that combine with free radicals keeping the body’s oxidative state low. This way, collagen production is enhanced and the skins elasticity maintained. The result of this is firm and youthful looking skin.

5. Sedentary lifestyle
Technology has increased sedentary lifestyles. All you have to do is get a computer or your phone plugged in and you will be making money. In as much as there has been an increased technological advancement and more money made, our health standards have dropped and people are aging and dying earlier than previous generations.

Physical activity is an important practice that increases your heart rate, your lung volume and eventually better oxygenated cells. Oxygenated cells are healthy and get nutrients well while wastes are excreted. Being inactive means that these cellular processes take place at much lower speeds and cells die off in the process.

Collagen, an important skin tissue protein is regenerated fast in oxygenated conditions thus young healthy skin. The opposite deters the collagen production resulting in wrinkles and general aging.

6. Too much processed foods
Processed foods have a high content of foreign components that are not recognized by your body. Therefore, these compounds accumulate in cells; they may initiate destructive processes causing cell death and faster aging.

In conclusion, your habits will determine how you look. Ditch harmful habits, oxygenate and hydrate your body well. Use the right make up and skin care products to reverse natural aging and you will experience timeless beauty.

Author Bio
Andrew Thompson is a dermatologist working with researchers on the best products to naturally reverse aging. He has been part of teams researching with ayurvedicanti aging serums and the results are positive aging reversal and youthfulness in all his volunteers.