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We Have a Silent Enemy: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 

While modern life has reduced the movement a lot, it has increased the frequency and amount of eating. Like all mammals, we store excess calories in our internal organs, and this is not good for us.

Our new style of living is associated with many diseases such as fatty liver, diabetes, hypertension and so many more…On top of that, we, humans, add alcohol and the use of drugs. We are pushing the limits of even an organ that has a really high endurance like the liver which turns out an enlarged liver.

Ok, let me put it like this… 

How often do you really think about your liver?  

Perhaps many of us haven’t thought about the liver except the morning after drinking a bit too much alcohol.   

But many of us have signs of liver dysfunction including hormonal symptoms, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, gastrointestinal symptoms but have never connected that the root cause may be the liver until we feel the liver pain when the time it actually screams. 

To be more specific… 20 to 30% of the general population in the western world will contract non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  

group of people enjoying a outdoor gathering

One out of every four people in the world, who think they are healthy, has actually fatty liver.  

Fatty liver is the build-up of fat in the liver, from storing extra energy (overeating and overweight), insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, rapid weight loss, taking certain drugs, or being exposed to some toxic elements.

Yes, I’m telling you that you can also be the one walking around with a fatty liver and it doesn’t have to be caused by alcohol. It is a result of our all lifestyle choices besides alcohol consumption, such as malnutrition, and inactivity.

Furthermore, you may have signs of liver dysfunction including hormonal symptoms, high cholesterol, prediacetes, gastrointestinal symptoms, but have never connected that the root cause may be the liver. That’s not ALL!  

Your liver is more emotional than your heart!  

The liver has a major role to play when it comes to managing emotions. It has been linked to several emotions like anger, resentment, frustration, irritability and bitterness.   

One of the biggest threats to our liver health is toxins we encounter in food, air, and household products. When our liver is focused on trying to eliminate these toxins from the body, it detracts from its job of clearing excess hormones. This can lead to serious hormonal imbalances that can have a wide range of effects.  It results in an abnormal emotional activity such as low mood/energy especially in the morning, anxiety, chronic fatigue, anger issues and even loss of sex drive. 

Man with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 

and vice-versa…

Feeling depressed or angry can be considered as symptoms and/or contributing causes of liver dysfunction.   

Modern life can be physically and mentally stressful and this can have an extremely negative effect on our liver.

TheLifeCo works to counteract the effects of modern living on the liver and the body by holistically supporting the regeneration of the liver.

Give your liver some love, it deserves it, and so do you.  

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