You Version 2.0

Have you ever met someone who is depressed and also is a vivid supporter of healthy eating and an active lifestyle? Have you had a friend who cries deeply inside after an hour long yoga session where she saluted the sun?

This is practically impossible and there are many reasons behind this. Depression is not a disease or something that happens to us all of a sudden. It is a symptom of many things in our life and body malfunctioning simultaneously. As a result, you might choose to dig into a bowl of chunky monkey ice-cream or you may choose to take it out of your beloved ones, maybe you will find the companionship you seek in a bottle of scotch (preferably empty).

At this article, we will not go deep into the reasons behind depression or burn-out, it might be your horrible boss mobbing you all the time, a deep loss in your life or simply financial problems. First of all, please remember a simple concept: Radical Acceptance. Simply put; do not put pressure on yourself about anything if it is out of your control, embrace the fact and draw your path accordingly.

It can be hard to believe but there is scientific evidence showing that depression is directly connected to what we put into our bodies. Here we listed a few easily applicable tips to a heathier and happier life:

Stop Pretending to Drink Water and Start Drinking Water
We are made of water and aging is actually dehydrating. If there is only one thing you can change in your life, start drinking water! Alkaline water can be preferred but if you don’t have access to it just drink whatever kind of water you can get your hands on.

Go Easy on the Meat
You can’t be expected to stop all meat consumption but you should also know that even modern medicine, favoring meat consumption for decades, started to change its course towards living food rather than dead animals’ flesh. The acidity it causes in our bodies drains precious calcium from our bones and the enzymes required to digest meat can’t easily be synthesized by our liver. Though it is not scientifically proven yet, many claim that consuming too much meat can cause one to become more aggressive as well.

Meditate, Pray or Simply Breathe
A prayer in Islam, chanting in Buddhism or breathing exercise during a meditation session serves the same purpose: becoming in peace with your inner-self. Due to all external factors trying everything they can to distract you from life, we have forgotten the power of our bodies and minds. A 10 minute session you dedicate to listening to yourself will increase your chance to deal with depression a lot and we promise your days will flow more smoothly.

Skip Breakfast, Don’t Worry Just Try It!
You have probably heard the metaphor of human body and a car. A car needs fuel to run as we all need food to run ourselves. Think of our guts as the engine of the car as they process the food and stream it into our blood through intestines. Have you ever seen a constantly running engine? Yes you did! Yourself. Eating regularly and constantly, 3 times a day, is a common tradition. The tradition is actually very in-human. People used to have breakfast before. At 4:00 when they wake up with the sun, before going hunting or gathering, which will probably last for whole day. It was wholefood high in energy, dried fruits, vegetables high in fat.. It was most certainly not pastry or eggs and bacon. Try to skip breakfast and you will see the change right on the first day.

Do Yoga or Get a Massage, How are these connected?
Just like fasting, yoga is also a 3000 year old tradition. Animals fast and yes they also do yoga, exercise, run around, move and they eat responsibly! Our blood circulation has a pump: The heart. Our more important circulation system is the lymphatic system. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a heart and to stimulate it you simply need to move, be more flexible so that it works fluently. Lymphatic System is the key to our immune system. It also can be activated through massage which is also a few thousand years old therapy.

Cleansing in The LifeCo Philosophy starts with the body and continues with the mind and the spirit (for those of you who believe it exists). It starts by eliminating any toxins from penetrating your body through your touch points. There are 3 of them:

Your Skin
Your Intestines
Your Lungs

The air we breathe, the food we eat and things we apply on our skin should work as intended. They all should be natural and in the right amounts.

Stopping the digestion and giving the liver a rest are also crucial points of our treatments. We would like to say that you can easily cleanse at home by consuming the over-priced juices squeezed 3 days before they reach you, which by the way is nothing but colorful and tasty fluids without any nutrition value. Don’t do that. Remember that the essential thing on a cleanse is the education you should receive so that the change is not just temporary.

We invite you to join mindfulness living program, liver cleanse program or other one of our programs at any of our centers in Phuket, Bodrum or Antalya. We will take very good care of you and provide you with the information, practice and inspiration you need to kick-start a new project. You version 2.0!

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