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Brain Health Protocol

This is a perfect mixture of minerals, vitamins and proteins that give a high level of protection to brain cells while providing detoxification and regeneration of this important system. This protocol rejuvenates the general functions of the brain, supporting the structure of cells and tissues, which brings clarity and sharpness to your thoughts, eliminates forgetfulness and helps make concentration easier.

What is included?
Intravenous (IV)

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Glutathione
  • Folic Acid

Benefits of the contents:
Vitamin B1:
– Plays a role in carbohydrate metabolism. Breaks down carbohydrates into glucose which provides energy to the Body.
– Helps brain and digestive function
– Improves blood circulation
– Gives support to the heart by protecting the muscular system
– Helps prevent atherosclerosis
– Reduces the side effects of alcohol and smoking-

Vitamin B6:
– Plays a more vital role than most other vitamins in supporting Body functions
– Takes part in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism
– Helps in the production of red blood cells, hormones, nerve cells and prostaglandins
– Strengthens the immune system, protects the heart by preventing atherosclerosis, and prevents kidney stone formation
– It is used to cure premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

– Maintains the function of organ tissues, stimulates new cell production and slows aging
– Plays a key role in the immune system, helping it work efficiently and properly
– Very effective against the flu and colds, reduces harm that may come from different bacteria and viruses
– Makes the complexion more beautiful by producing new cells
– Helps neutralize toxins and eliminate heavy metals in the Body
– Plenty of zinc is needed for the immune system to work properly

– The most effective antioxidant produced in the Body, known as the “super antioxidant”
– A powerful detoxification agent
– Protects the brain and cells in the Body from the harm of free radicals
– Plays a role in DNA and protein synthesis
– Deactivates toxins and carcinogenic agents and helps remove them from the Body
– Strengthens the immune system
– Has a powerful anti-aging effect
– Reduces forgetfulness and increases concentration
– Helps prevent nearly seventy diseases
– By cleansing the liver, it helps the other organs to work effectively

Folic Acid:
– Acts as a co-enzyme in the synthesis of RNA and DNA
– Is key for increasing production of red blood cells
– Helps balance mood swings by helping control the temper and eliminating many of the symptoms associated with depression
– Increasing folic acid intake is found to be particularly helpful in avoiding and protecting from cancer
– Plays a role in detoxification
– Helps absorption of iron
– Improves the condition of the skin

How is it administrated?

  • It is a painless serum injection administered by a nurse
  • The intravenous (IV) injection takes 60 minutes. 
  • The procedure is under the doctor’s supervision

What is the use and frequency of sessions?

The use and frequency of the sessions will be determined according medical hIstory noted on the protocol form, and depending on the person’s need. Under the doctor’s supervision, sessions should be continued at regular intervals according to the protocol.

Who can benefit from the protocols?

  • Unless the doctor advises otherwise, anyone can have it administered
  • Those who want to strengthen and support brain function
  • Those with loss of concentration
  • Those who are forgetful or have problems with confusion
  • Suffers of brain damage related to trauma or disease
  • Those who have difficulties in remembering names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

The Protocol will be administrated in 1, 3 or 6 sessions, depending on the person’s need and state of health.