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Natural, effective and unique integrative cancer care

We offer a personalized, effective, and comprehensive cancer care approach under the medical supervision of Dr. Thomas Lodi, MD, MD(H). We focus on naturally targeting the root cause of cancer, boosting the immune system, rebuilding health, and supporting overall wellbeing with our holistic cancer care and alternative cancer treatment programs. We bring targeted therapies, metabolic treatments, adjunct therapies as well as immunotherapy programs together.

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Care with a Reverence and Respect to Nature

We offer whole-body cleansing through diet, innovative treatments backed by the latest scientific research, and physical and spiritual therapies, with our 360° holistic approach.

We believe in taking care of our body, mind, and soul in order to achieve optimal health. Therefore, we host an experienced professional team offering effective natural holistic therapies as well as meditation sessions, yoga classes and individual sessions where you can work on empowering your skills in relationships with yourself and others.

Cancer Prevention for a Better Quality of Life

Our cancer prevention program is aimed at people with a family history of cancer, who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, are worried about their risk, or have certain health conditions that may predispose them to the disease. (such as ulcerative colitis, fibrocystic breast disease or pre-cancerous cells)

All of our integrative therapies, medical treatments and complementary therapies are designed to provide long-term solutions.

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Cancer Treatment to Live Longer

The LifeCo Clinic has a cancer treatment program that focuses on 3 foundation pillars used to help people restore their health: Stop Making Cancer, Targeting Cancer Cells and Enhancing Immune System.

The primary aspect of our cancer treatment program is eliminating the cancer cells and empowering healthy cells without harming healthy cells. The secondary aspect is eliminating the cancer cells without harming the healthy cells. The last aspect of our cancer cure program is reawakening and then strengthening the immune system of the individual.

This program is aimed at people who want to follow personalized, effective, and comprehensive cancer care that will treat them physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Cancer Recovery with Emotional Support

Our cancer recovery program is aimed at those who have already been through conventional cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy) and are currently cancer-free. This program is designed to provide a holistic recovery from the side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

Our cancer prevention program uses a 360° holistic approach which encompasses healing through diet, detox, nutrition, and natural treatments backed by the latest scientific research. A variety of physical and spiritual therapies support the program.

alternative treatment for cancer

Cancer Care Program at The LifeCo Clinic Phuket

The LifeCo's Integrative Approach to Cancer Care in Phuket

Stop Making Cancer

Our patients go through an in-depth cleansing process to change the body's biochemistry so that it no longer becomes a suitable host for cancer cells to feed upon, grow, and spread.

Target Cancer Cells

Metabolic therapies that we offer include natural, botanically based substances that target cancer, based on cancer cells’ metabolic (enzymatic) limitations.

Enhance the Immune System

Immune treatment for cancer is vital to strengthen a weakened immune system. We focus on nutrition to enhance the body’s ability to attend to the causes of impaired immunity.

Sustain Your Health

This journey is designed to change your knowledge about optimal health, to empower you with skills for a life of health, and to allow you to experience sustainable health truly.

I was not completely happy with the end of the conventional treatment. It is because you are left in a no man's land. So, I wanted to do something actively to help my body to feel better, and I'm already seeing evidence of that with alternative treatment for cancer at TheLifeCo.
Thomas Lodi
Dr. Thomas Lodi
Integrative Oncologist at The LifeCo



About TheLifeCo Clinic Phuket

TheLifeCo, since its inception in 2005 has been a prominent wellness brand focusing on a 360° holistic approach based on pillars as healthy nutrition, anti-aging and well-being therapies. TheLifeCo offers prevention treatments for chronic diseases and cancer as well as pampering and beauty treatments alongside spiritual therapies, in its centers worldwide.

TheLifeCo’s establishment was inspired by the sole passion and intention of spreading the culture of healthy living and self-healing to individuals who need or wish to upgrade in well-being. At TheLifeCo Phuket Center, we have teamed up with Dr. Thomas Lodi. We apply up-to-date research and use nutrition-based programs in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

TheLifeCo Clinic Phuket and its premises that are designed to be calming and energizing help individuals to focus more on their healing, rather than dealing with countless amounts of signals we receive from an urban life that cause stress, anxiety, rush, and hurry. A stress-free, toxin-free individual would no more feel the burden in the mind, resulting in higher peace and awareness.