Experience the power of mystical dance with Monika Nataraj

Visiting Therapist: Monika Nataraj, July 26 – August 02

What is mystical dance?

Dancing from inside out…

By understanding the energetics of dance based on the ancient chakra system of India and tapping into the tradition of women’s sacred circles and ritual, experience the profound power of dance. Stretch beyond the illusion of the apparent beautiful outer form, recognize the consciousness and truth that moves us all.

– A moving method of self-expression and self-discovery
– Authtentic path to spiritual realization
– Re-kindling of inner radiance and dancing the divine into existence

Monika Nataraj: Happily not over-identifying with any external identities, Monika most enjoys dancing the Divine into existence, finding Truth in every breath and sharing this with others. Since 1999, she has lived full time on the road as a nomadic dancing mystic Shakti adventurer of the soul studying and practicing with a host of incredible spiritual masters and in turn teaching a bevy of sacred traditions herself for 17 years. Her current manifestations are the result of a deep passion and dedication to movement mysticism, tantric yoga, meditation, travel and community work. Monika has brought in-person Tantric teachings, Yoga and sacred dance to 22 countries around the globe and to many thousands of people, as she delves into the inner connection of it all. She has journeyed to more than 70 countries across all 7 continents, has embodied varied avocations ranging from professional NYC bellydancer, corporate executive, yoga school co-director, non-profit foundation grant-maker, master scuba diver, teacher trainer, film festival co-founder and Mystical Dancer. She took the name Nataraj — Shiva in the dancing form — to remind her always that consciousness and creativity are eternally moving as one. Monika continues to travel and teach extensively in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, at esteemed retreat centers and in the heart of nature.