Essentials of Face Yoga with Ross Duttson

Visiting Therapist: Ross Duttson, August 23-30

Ross Duttson: Let’s take your face to thy gym!

As time goes by, our faces and skin change, so by learning exercises to strengthen the facial muscles, you can improve the structure of your face and take years off your appearance.

With Ross, you will learn what face yoga is all about and what can be achieved by practicing it amidst the restful landscape of The LifeCo Bodrum. This retreat aims to show you how to strengthen the facial muscles, helping you to a natural face lift, erase wrinkles and make your skin glow.

Included in the program:

  • Yoga style warm up exercises – floor based exercises
  • Face yoga exercises
  • Affirmation works
  • Meditation
  • Questions & answers

Ross Duttson: Ross Duttson is a world renowned face yoga expert – armed with a toolbox of over 100 exercises. He is also a lover of all things lifestyle – a published writer who enjoys nothing more than researching the latest trends in fabrics, interiors and beauty. He booked a private session with Eva Fraser, after having worked with her DVD for many years, and this set him on the path of learning the ‘EVA FRASER FACIAL FITNESS method for himself and after seeing dramatic results decided on becoming a practitioner in this exclusive method. He then went on to add more exercises to his ‘toolbox‘ by studying the FACE YOGA METHOD of Fumiko. Ross is the only man worldwide trained personally by Eva and Fumiko which makes Ross a unique and welcome addition to the world of facial fitness.