Immune Cocktail

What is immune cocktail?
Immune Cocktail is an I.V. therapy with a high dose of vitamin C that is effective on a variety of health problems.

How is immune cocktail applied?
Immune Cocktail is administered intravenously. Intravenous vitamin C intake is better than in pill form because vitamin C enters the bloodstream directly and does not lose any of its healthy values due to malabsorption in the digestive system.

What are the proven benefits of immune cocktail?
When you start feeling bad, have low energy, or when you feel exhausted, taking Vitamin C is a guaranteed way of recovering your energy. People with chronic fatigue will notice an improvement in their energy levels. Frequent travelers also can benefit from high doses of vitamin C as a great preventative treatment to stuffy, recycled, and germ-infested airplane air. As soon as you feel a cold coming on, make an appointment to get Vitamin C Therapy. Even if you are already ill, C Vitamin Therapy shortens the duration of your illness and accelerates your healing.

How to prepare for the immune cocktail
Does not require any special preparations.

Who can not have immune cocktail?
People who have an allergy for vitamin C.

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