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Lifestyle Change Retreat

The LifeCo Antalya

October 26 - 29

Limited Capacity

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Are you ready for a transformation?

Held at The LifeCo resort, the world-renowned destination for healing and healthy nutrition in Antalya, Turkey, Lifestyle Change retreat will be a unique experience for your inner and outer development. Lifestyle Change retreat will be led by Ersin Pamuksuzer, founder of The LifeCo.

Join us in this journey!

During these 4 days in the healing environment of The LifeCo Antalya, you will find new reasons and discover effective ways to improve your present health and gradually be able to build an achievable plan. This retreat will offer you essentials for a better life. Get ready to empower yourself, redesign your lifestyle routines and change your habits of a lifetime.

Lifestyle Change Retreat

Why ‘Lifestyle Change’ retreat?

21st century brings a lot of challenges and we have to deal with before they become long-term issues. Modern lifestyle leads us away from nature, exposes us to more toxic substances and lose self-awareness due to the frantic, manic rush.

As you journey through this retreat, you will become aware of how the life experience in the 21st century is so different than what nature intended, how we are truly designed and what we were designed to do for maximum health.

This is a journey to gain consciousness to design new routines that you can grow into. You will learn the elements necessary to get motivated towards your goals, gain information that will urge you toward swift change and empower you with the details you need to make those changes with ease and grace.

What is waiting for You in ‘Lifestyle Change’ retreat?

During these 4 days, you will be able to focus on some essentials for a better life such as;

Foods we eat are grown with antibiotics and hormones; they are genetically altered and filled with additives in the packaging. Eating as we do, our cells are constantly craving more as they cannot get the nutrients they need.

During this retreat, we will focus on clean eating, share the secrets of the best health food chefs and teach you how to make your own healthy alternatives to delicious foods you love.

Everything begins with a feeling of discomfort. Because our modern, technological and comfortable city life makes us feel sick. Electromagnetic waves are damaging our bioenergy balance. The air we breathe is polluted.

For 4 days, away from crowds, you will be able to relax in the soothing atmosphere in Antalya and have a chance to gain awareness about the importance of the right environment.

Mental Wellness:
This retreat is deeply involved with Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice which supports the capacity to stay focused on what you are doing as you are doing it. It’s a powerful antidote to the distractible nature of the mind and the information-overload in our digital world.

When practiced regularly, mindfulness can bring you more calm and effectiveness into everyday life, reduce stress and enhance mental capacity.

Gabriel Azoulay will be with us for Yin Yoga sessions. Why yoga? Because practicing the postures, breathing exercises and meditation provide flexibility in Body, Mind and Spirit. Yoga makes you healthier, improves your concentration, lets you tune in, chill out, shape up – all at the same time.

Yoga gives us control of ourselves. It helps cut through the layers of mis-identities that arise in response to our actions, experiences and feelings.

Lifestyle Change Retreat Program September 2019


Exercising your new lifestyle


Closing – Free Discussion Q&A


Yin Yoga / Meditation / Movie


Emotion Regulation


Radical Acceptance, No-judgement


Yin Yoga / Meditation / Movie


Distress Tolerance


Mindful Eating & tips


Yin Yoga / Meditation / Movie


Interpersonal Effectiveness


Validation / Assertiveness


Yin Yoga / Meditation / Movie

EPA – Ersin Pamuksüzer, Founder of The LifeCo

Fazıl Alaşahin, Food & Beverage Chef
Hande Anadolu, Psychologist
Dr. Bedreddin Ulusoy, The LifeCo Bodrum Doctor
Gonca Yarımer, Program Coordinator

Participation fee is € 50 per person / per day, € 300 for the whole retreat.

Please contact our reservation team to book this retreat.

*The schedule may be subject to change.

You can benefit from services available at the center on your free time.

Meet Ersin Pamuksüzer

Ersin Pamuksüzer, is the Founder of the Well-Being companies “The LifeCo” and “SAF” brands. The LifeCo company was formed in 2005 and is providing services in Well-Being therapies and natural healing, while SAF was formed in 2006 as a vegan restaurant and is providing healthy and nutrional food through its restaurants in İstanbul and London as well as retail products and take-away food channels. Both companies have international reputation with more than 60% of its customers from various parts of the world with a majority from Europe.

Ersin Pamuksüzer started his career in Ericsson Telecommunications company in Sweden in 1981 and was the General Manager of Ericsson Turkey for long years. He stopped his Ericssson career in 2002 and moved into the Well-Being sector. During the Ericsson Turkey period he initiated the formation of Turkey’s first GSM Operators and a number of other ICT companies in the region, Turkcell in 1993 and has been a Board Member of Turkcell and Turkcell’s International operations until 2006. He has also been initiator, driver or board member of other start-up companies.

Guest Experiences

The LifeCo Bodrum on Media

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It’s the Master Detox, which is the one Kate Moss does year in and year out when she needs a beauty and healing boost. She often takes best friend  Naomi Campbell with her

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As we walked past The LifeCo’s feastlike raw & vegan offerings on the huge dinner table to our side, we were more excited about getting on with the Anti – Aging programme

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In the abundance of palm trees The LifeCo, Bodrum offers a Holistic approach to Well – Being and Well-Aging with Detox programmes aimed healthy living to its focused guests

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The atmosphere, the retreats and the therapies  at The LifeCo were so relaxing I would joyously be in bed 20.30 and by the short time I woke back up, I thought this is a never-ending, pleasant dream

What is included in the program?

  • Accommodation
  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Plan
  • Doctor Consultation (1 session)
  • Detox Consultation
  • Body Composition Analysis (2 sessions)
  • Classic Massage (1 x week)
  • Daily Turbosonic Vibration Therapy
  • Daily Biophoton Therapy
  • Daily Colon Cleansing
  • SPA, GYM, Swimming Pool
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Raw Food Workshop (2 x week)
  • Daily Steam Room Use
  • Daily Beach Walks

Lifestyle Change Retreat