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It is essential to understand that diabetes, type-2 is simply the body’s modifications at a cellular and physiological level to accommodate a poor lifestyle and diet. It is not a “thing” that has taken up residence within the person and needs to be eradicated or gotten rid of. Simply put, the reason the body has made these modifcation, known as diabetes type-2 have to be reduced. With that in mind, The LifeCo’s diabetes control program has been designed to help prevent diabetes as well as restore health and balance to those who already are suffering from the condition and allow them to lead a productive and healthy life

  • Raw Vegan Ketogenic Diet
  • Professional Staff
  • Doctor on Site
  • Workshops and Lectures
  • Private Beach
  • Spa and Gym Facilities
  • Outdoor Pool Options
  • Natural Therapies

Diabetes Recovery Programs at The LifeCo

Education and the acquisition of healthy habits are central; our intention is to debunk the myths and conflicting health advice that abounds on the internet and what has become standard medical advise in order for you to have a clear understanding of the condition and how to control and maintain it. Diabetes, type-1, which usually occurs early in life and is associated with a complete inability to produce insulin cannot be reversed unless the person were to come within the first several months of diagnosis. Otherwise, our program for advanced diabetes will be able to lower insulin requirements and restore vitality and function.

The LifeCo Can Help

A Health Issue Poorly Managed

Type-2 diabetes was once called, “adult onset diabetes” because the average diet in the past was more nutritious and had much less carbohydrates than the average diet today. In the past several years type-2 diabetes has increased to epidemic and even pandemic proportions and is now one of the greatest threats to health. Furthermore, we are finding adolescents and children developing this condition, not just older adults.

Maintaining The Condition is Possible by Changing The Lifestyle

The good news is that since type-2 diabetes can be a direct consequence of a poor diet and unhealthy life style habits, it can be controlled by modifying the diet and other lifestyle components. The duration depends upon the person’s willingness, 7 days is good for balancing hormones and blood sugar values, however at least 14 days is needed for a deeper impact.

Expected Program Results

Diabetes (Type-2)

Control over type 2 diabetes   
Weight Loss
Reduction of carbohydrate cravings
A significant reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Improved concentration and clarity of mind.
Increased energy and endurance
A significant reduction and resolution of sleep apnea
Productive and satisfied life.


Weight Loss
Reduction of sugar cravings
A significant amount of reduction of feeling tired/lethargic after meals
Learning how to lead a consistently healthy life  

Diabetes (Type-1)

Regulation of blood sugar levels
Increase sleep quality and awakening feeling refreshed
Better control over blood glucose levels
Decrease the amounts of hunger between meals and snacks
Type 1 cannot be cured, but one can learn practical ways of living healthily with it

*The expected results can change based on the individuals medical history, body type and other factors

Following Services are Included in the Program (Each Center's Treatment List May Vary)

  • Accommodation
  • Body Composition Analysis (2 Sessions)
  • Live Blood Analysis (2 Sessions)
  • Detox program
  • Daily nutrition plan
  • Foam & Scrub Massage (1 Session)
  • Thai Massage (1 Session)
  • Lymph Drainage (3 Sessions)
  • Colon Hydrotherapy (3 Sessions)
  • Ozone Sauna (3 Sessions)
  • Daily Oxygen Therapy
  • Daily Turbosonic Vibration Therapy
  • Series of lectures and workshops to both educate and train with regards to eating, exercise, sleep habits and interpersonal relations.
  • Physician consultation initially and at completion of the program.
  • Exercise program with a personal trainer based upon ability and health status.
  • Advanced dietary education and training in a modified, ketogenic diet.
  • Unlimited use of Spa & Fitness  
  • Daily Morning Walks