Sleep'n Wellness Rooms

Experience a one-of-a-kind wellness journey

Sleep’n Wellness Rooms are thoughtfully crafted rooms tailored to fulfill your well-being requirements. Bask in a serene and revitalizing sleeper while engaging in a comprehensive wellness experience.

The relaxing atmosphere of our rooms will make you feel right at home, whether traveling for business or pleasure. The wellness amenities and elements will help improve your sleep quality, reduce stress levels, nourish your body with healthy food options and enhance your overall well-being during your stay.

Good Sleep is the Path to a Healthier Life

Did you know that a third of our lives are spent sleeping? Yet most of us don’t fully appreciate the incredible benefits it can provide to our overall wellbeing.

Proper sleep can tremendously impact our physical, mental, and emotional health. From improving cognitive functioning, focus and concentration to reducing stress and anxiety, adequate sleep is key to feeling our best and living healthier lives.

Your sleep is your key to unlocking greater wellbeing and we are here to improve your sleep quality so you can enjoy remarkable health benefits!

Experience the Benefits of a Great Night's Sleep

You can enjoy a truly restful stay without any worries on your mind at Sleep’n Wellness Rooms. Here are some of the benefits you can experience:

● Fall asleep faster and avoid sleep disturbances
● Wake up feeling refreshed, energetic and comfortable
● Establish a perfect sleep and wellness routine while traveling
● Combine work and wellness seamlessly
● Prevent jet lag and daytime fatigue while improving your performance
● Support a strong immune system, healthy weight and cognitive function

● Learn effective bedtime routines that last long-term
● Enjoy maximum comfort for families, babies and pregnant women
● Upgrade your hotel experience with our wellness amenities
● Have a lifetime wellbeing partner before, during, and after your stay

How Do We Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Here at Sleep’n Wellness Rooms, we offer the right tools and guidance to improve your sleep quality while facilitating a comprehensive wellbeing experience towards a fulfilled life with greater longevity.

Your room is designed to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed and sleep in the best way possible during your stay. Your holistic sleep experience is curated with essential elements, including below;

Excellent Bed Frame Materials
An ergonomic bed with the optimal mattress pad, natural fiber sheets, an extensive pillow menu and gravity blanket to ensure the best possible night’s sleep away from home.
Wearable Wellness Items
Sleep Tracking Ring, Vibrating Meditation Device, and Light Therapy Glasses for night and morning use to bring back your circadian rhythm to its natural cycle.
Natural Light & Darkness
Light and sound modulation through blackout curtains and sunrise simulation a Smart Lamp to help you produce a natural sleep aid.
Wellness Bag
Eye mask, ear plugs, dry skin brush, tongue cleaner, coconut oil and a personal journal to help you prepare yourself before going to bed and reduce disturbances during your sleep.
Healthy Nutrition Support
Juices, healthy bars and shots, fresh fruits and vegetables, superfoods and herbal teas to help you start winding down from the inside and out.
A Relaxing Environment
Electromagnetic Field blocking device to protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, AC with the best temperature for sleeping and air ionizer to provide you with better indoor air quality.
Calming Bedtime Routines
Mandala coloring with eco-friendly coloring pencils, sleep books and magazines, yoga mat and stretching bands, blue light-blocking eyeglasses and aromatherapy spray for the pillow to help you wind down and relax before bed.

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