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Immune Cocktail

Feeling run down, older than your age or need some extra energy to kick that cold coming on? Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C. Not only does this essential nutrient give your immune system a huge boost, it also helps slow ageing.


The benefits of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, are undeniable. Many of us think that we are getting enough of this essential nutrient when actually we are seriously lacking. This opens the door to fatigue and illness and speeds up ageing.  Although vitamin C is available naturally from fresh fruit and vegetables, many of our lifestyle choices require extra amounts to further assIst our Body’s ability to heal, defend and rejuvenate.

Vitamin C and wellness
Most commonly known for helping relieve the common cold, vitamin C is an important antioxidant that supports our immune system by protecting against damage from free radicals. Because vitamin C is used in the production of stress hormones by the adrenals, it gets depleted quickly in our modern lifestyle. Replenishing it regularly helps our Body process toxins and protects it from common illnesses and more serious diseases.

Look younger with vitamin C
Vitamin C is necessary for collagen synthesis in our Body. Collagen is the tissue that supports our skin, bones and ligaments, but gets depleted with age. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles develop and skin can start sagging. Providing our Body with enough vitamin C increases collagen production, making the complexion look younger and more hydrated. It improves skin’s texture, reduces blemishes, speeds healing and prevents scarring. It also helps vitamin E support the elastin fibers of the skin. Having sufficient ascorbic acid in our diet reduces hair loss, prevents nails from becoming dry and brittle, and keeps eyes bright and healthy.

How much do we need?
Our lifestyles and environment have changed drastically, and the amount of vitamin C our Body requires to boost immunity and repair has increased. We actually need to take much more than the recommended 60mg per day.  According to the scientIst Linus Pauling, 2300 mg is needed for a person who consumes a daily diet of 2500 kcal. Smoking, air pollution and even using medications such as aspirin deplete vitamin C in our Body. In addition, pregnant women, smokers, and senior citizens need more vitamin C than the average person.

Food sources of vitamin C
Ascorbic acid is found in many fresh fruits and vegetables including citrus fruits, berries, kiwi, parsley, dark leafy greens and peppers. Heat destroys vitamin C and other vitamins and antioxidants, so foods should preferably be eaten raw. Vitamin C is water soluble, which means the Body flushes out whatever it doesn’t use. Eat plenty of these foods frequently to ensure you’re replenishing the nutrients used up due to lifestyle and environmental factors.

Vitamin C Therapy
Vitamin C Therapy provides a high dose of vitamin C that is effective on a variety of health problems. When you start to feel bad, have low energy, or feel run down, getting a high dose of vitamin C is guaranteed to help you perk up the same day. People with chronic fatigue notice an improvement in their energy levels. Frequent travelers also benefit from high doses of vitamin C, a great preventative treatment to counter stuffy, recycled, and germ-infested airplane air. As soon as you feel a cold coming on, make an appointment to get Vitamin C Therapy. Even if you still get ill, Vitamin C Therapy will curb the length of your illness, and help speed up your recovery.

Taking vitamin C intravenously is better than in pill form because the vitamin C goes directly into the bloodstream, and none is lost due to malabsorption in the digestive tract.

Vitamin C and anti-ageing
To assess vitamin C and anti-oxidant levels in your Body, you can take a Bio-Terrain and FRAS (Free Radical Analytical System) test. If the results show low levels of antioxidants, vitamin C is a quick fix. High doses of vitamin C help counter aging by helping our Body to rebuild and repair itself and by assIsting protein synthesis and our immune system. A healthy diet and lifestyle are also recommended to ensure maximum results.