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What to do to live up to 100?
Time magazine made the public announcement that there are blue
zones where people live more than 10 years. Okinawa in Japan, Ikaria in
Greece, Sardinia in Italy. They went there and saw that these people
have same habits such as, they have plant based foods, they have early
dinners. Being active until they die. They belong to big families.
Families with a purpose. You can have a public service like helping the
fishermen in Okinawa. They are socially very active. They feel fully

functional in life. Anybody in this world can have a blue zone style life.
Plant based eating, be socially active, be happy. You can easily live until
100 years old. When I say 100 years old, I mean fully functional life. A
person who can run a marathon. Maybe a bit slower marathon.