You’ve most likely heard of Time-Restricted Eating (TRE) or Intermittent Fasting (IF) by now. We’ll refer to it as IF here. During the IF Challenge you will be following the most sustainable method of Intermittent Fasting – 16/8 Fasting method. It means – consuming all your food during 8 hours frame and fasting for 16 hours. We will help you pass this IF challenge through the entire week with IG stories. Don’t forget to follow our IG account and there will be videos to train your mind body and soul. Convenience is highly important for us. There is no strict rule here. But details will mentioned in the pdf material. Just stick to your eating pattern so that you can get the most benefit out of this challenge.

Once you sign up, you will instantly get all the material (pdf) you need to succeed in your challenge. There will be challenge guide includes many information about IF and You will also get our recommended Intermittent Fasting meal plan that includes 2 meals and 1 snack a day. It will be full of plant based recipes but practical at home.


Weight loss requires you to consume fewer calories than you burn. Missing one meal per day by fasting can save around 30% of calories in one go. Recent research found that intermittent fasting helped people cut 4-7% from their waist circumference over a period of 24 weeks

According to studies, even 3-day intermittent fasting plan can essentially reset the immune system, providing many potential benefits including reduced oxidative stress, better cardiovascular health, better endurance, lower blood pressure etc.

Recent research indicates that 24 hours is not enough time for severe calorie restriction (eating 25% of your daily calorie requirements) to kick your appetite hormones into overdrive. In other words, when fasting is broken up into intervals it doesn’t cause the yo-yo effect, which occurs among extremely restrictive and unsustainable diets that cause shifts in your hunger hormones. This is why you end up with almost uncontrollable food cravings and feelings of starvation. So you will not have yo-yo effect and it will help you improve your relationship with food by managing your hunger and cravings. You’ll look healthier and be more confident.

Challenge Guidelines

Hours Feeding
Hours Fasting

Repeat for 7-Days

Challenge Finished!